Reto-Moto vient tout juste de sortir une nouvelle mise à jour pour Heroes & Generals, son FPS « free-to-play ». Intitulée Utz, en référence au général allemand Willibald Utz, cette mise à jour contient une nouvelle carte (Aérodrome avancé) pour le mode assaut, les animations des soldats sont désormais plus réalistes, des modifications ont été effectuées afin de réduire le recul des fusils semi-automatiques, les médailles de combat ont été ajustées et quelques modifications graphiques et sonores ont été appliquées.

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
he Utz update will hit the live servers today. Among other things, Utz will bring a new map in to the world of Heroes & Generals. The Forward Airfield Map! Other changes are weather tweaks, weapon (sway) tweaks and performance improvements. The full changelog can be found below:

Action Game

New map: Forward Airfield map
Vehicle crates now spawn with the first weapon ready
Grenades now prime faster
Semi-Automatic Rifle Tweaks
Less sway from moving
Less aim penalty per bullet
LMG Tweaks
You can now begin shooting while running, but you will instantly begin walking
Several other minor weapon (and upgrades) tweaks
Added Foot IK, and character banking.
Jump, less air control, and step mechanic.
Weather settings update
Defending airplanes now spawn in the air
Fixed several bugs
Night is a bit darker than previous + general minor tweaks
Tweaks of SSAO and HBAO settings
Water Impacts have been tweaked so they perform and look better.
Water Exposions have been tweaked so they perform and look better
Small : Handgrenade, Bazooka, default and AP/HE 37mm + AP/HE 50mm
Medium : AP/HE 76mm + AP/HE 88mm
Large : Aerial Bomb
US 'Match, M72', German 'Anschusspatrone s.S.' and Soviet '7N1 Sniper' ammunition now have smaller tracer than other rifle ammunition
Combat badge tweaks
Gunner changed to 5%/10%/20% boost (before: 10%/20%/30%)
Flak Jacket modified to protect the player better than before
Infantry First changed to 115%/130%/150% boost (before 107.5%/115%/125%)
Quick Draw changed to 75%/50%/25% boost (before 10% lower/20%lower/40% lower)
Airborne now affects spawn delay much more
Para-training now affects spawn delay when spawning as flying paratrooper (Additionally it now has a silver and gold version)
Iron Fist no longer applies in Tank vs Tank engagements
Certain AT Grenades, such as Stickies and H3 now benefit from the Grenadier AND Iron Fist badges (so yes, they stack)
Added NVIDIA HBAO Screen space ambient occlusion. Only enabled on DX11 + High postfilter Quality setting
Several Action Game crashfixes
Several map texture fixes
Empty enemy vehicles now provide warfunds when killed
Multiple players spawning in vehicles no longer eject driver

Strategy Game & Soldier Overview

You are now highlighted in the battle report scoreboards
Queue size updates while viewing the faction resource overview
Battle Briefing Screen changes:
The resources at specific access points and objectives are shown in the 'Resources in Battle' table when the mouse is over the points on the map (in the battle window that pops up when a battle is clicked on the campaign map)
The status of capture points in ongoing FPS battles are now shown and updated in the UI where applicable (the mission list, the battle window, and related windows)
Improved campaign map contrast by moving the Fog of War in 'between' the map terrain and the battlefields, supply-lines, and assault teams.
Greatly improved campaign map performance for players with a lot of assault teams deployed
Increased visibility of Major Cities when zoomed out on the campaign map
Fixed search-for-friend to avoid timeout errors. Now returns all names that start with the string you enter (max 100 results). Or up to one result if you enter an email address.
'Maximum Rank Reached' error when not having reached the maximum rank should be fixed on first login in the new update - fixing the issue with promotion general to next level
General AT's on a lost access-point to the enemy no longer have a retreat penalty.
All faction chat channels are now mandatory
Non-infantry can not matchmake into staged battles for a tier 1 player anymore
More airfields added in the Soviet Union to accommodate and enable flying between cities
Ribbon Boosters / Veteran Membership and mission setup time is no longer reliant on local client time (they will show proper time always)
Added option to repair all upgrades on a weapon instead of only repairing weapon also added auto repair options
Staged battles now both have airplanes and tanks in them
Ammo images that were missing when buying vehicle ammo is now shown
Assault team changes
Fighter Recon
Pilots 10 -> 8
Planes 10 -> 8
Speed 4 -> 6 (the fastest air unit available)
Transport Range 2600 -> 2850
Attack Range 750 -> 950
Fighter Squadron
Pilots 20-> 24 (3 times bigger than Fighter Recon)
Planes 20 -> 24
Speed 6 -> 5.4 (faster than paratroopers but (10% slower than Fighter Recon))
Transport Range 3360 -> 2550
Attack Range 1200 -> 850
Men 28 -> 24 (4 to 1 ratio)
Planes 7 -> 6
Speed 4 -> 3 (faster than paratroopers and slower than fighters)
Transport Range 2600 -> 3800
Attack Range 500 -> 1900
Men 64 -> 72
Planes 16 -> 18
Speed 4 -> 2.7 (slightly slower (10%) than pathfinders due to larger fleet)
Transport Range 2250 -> 3600
Attack Range 750 -> 1800
Ground based ATs adjusted down in speed to always be slower than Air units.
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