Reto-Moto, le développeur du FPS F2P Heroes & Generals continue le support de son jeu sur la Seconde Guerre mondiale avec l'ajout récent de la mise à jour « Adams - Ground Fire ». Comme toujours avec le studio, il s'agit d'une importante mise à jour qui ajoute trois unités antiaérienne mobiles (une pour chaque faction en présence), améliore certaines maps dont Town, modifie les sensations de tir pour les armes, en rendant notamment les tirs à la hanche plus réalistes.

Une vidéo de présentation ainsi que la (très longue) liste complète des changements se trouvent dans la suite de la nouvelle.

Action Game


Town Map:
Updated Town Map to new terrain system
Added more infantry cover to the fields around the A1 and A2
Added small road through the forest east of A3 all the way to the south section of the village
Added small road through the forest between B2 and B3
Fixed flickering ground around C3 / C4 area
Added more infantry cover towards D Accesspoint
Added more infantry cover towards E Accesspoint
Added more emergency spawns to E accesspoint
Added more emergency spawns to Church (north and south)
Added a few more defence positions (sandbags and roadblocks) to village and church
Updated cobblestone material in the village
Added AA gun in the church tower
General update of the terrain
Grassfields are more 'hilly', should provide a bit more cover for infantry.
Fixed 2 gaps on Stone Bridge
Fixed an exploitable hole in Church roof
Fixed collision on window in Police Station
Fixed collision on Extruded Wall at Stone Bridge
Fixed terrain gap near church
Fixed gaps in the road at the end of Stone Bridge
Fixed gaps in pavement near church
Fixed bullet impact effect on building (House2C)
Fixed LOD issues with capture point radio object (RadioSet_1A)
Fixed broken collision on staircase (Arch1AStairs)
Fixed stretched roof tiles on building (House1C1)
Fixed space between beams and wall in building (House5B)
Fixed collision issue in garage (House2_GarageA1), grenades can no longer bounce through the floor
Opened shutters on multiple accessible houses on various maps.
Fixed tree growing in a rock on Forest Skirmish between B and C
Fixed deep ground hole near the North-West spawn on Forest Skirmish

Weapons & Vehicles

Hip- & Cone-fire Updated
New German Sd.Kfz. 7/1 Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft vehicle
New US M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft vehicle
New Soviet GAZ-AAA Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft vehicle
Complete graphics overhaul of M3A1 including Shading and Textures + 1 Skin (Olive Drab & Black -> US Only)
New friction model for GAZ to improve handling
New friction model for Kübelwagen to improve handling
Updated the animations on Flakvierling 38
Fixed collision bugs on Flakvierling 38
Firing cycle on Flakvierling 38 changed to sequential firing instead of firing in pairs.
BA-6: Driver closer to the vision slit when ducking in
Reduced repair price for Pz2 Luchs and T-70
Adjusted Chaffee HE and APCR unlocks to match when they unlock on other tanks
Fixed inconsistency in player camera views when entering motorcycles
Mine triggerbox adjustments:
The listed vehicles had mis-sized triggerboxes that in cases could lead to mines not detonating correctly, or mines detonating if placed on bumpers or right next to wheels/tracks
Fixed mine triggerbox of M3 Lee Tank
Fixed mine triggerbox of IS-2 Tank
Fixed mine triggerbox of T-34/85 Model 1944 Tank
Fixed mine triggerbox of SU-85 Tank Destroyer
Fixed mine triggerbox of M4-Quad
Fixed mine triggerbox of Flakvierling 38
Fixed mine triggerbox of M8 Greyhound
Fixed mine triggerbox of Tiger II
Fixed mine placement on ground so it doesn't look like they hover in air
Fixed that bullets wouldn't hit a soldier when they were shot in tiny area between the nose and cheek


Removed all backpacks
Prioritized network traffic
Better network bandwidth utilization
Updated the Soviet Soldier renders - fullbody and portrait
Prone fix, you could get stuck in prone while crawling up hill-sides


Faction Resources

Updated resource production
Infantry initial stockpile increased by 200%
Infantry Production reduced by 50%
Light Armor Production increased by 50%

Soldier Overview

Soldier Screen

Reduced the negative effect of Semi-Automatic Rifle upgrades by approx. 30%
Added Scout II-s barrel for Semi-Automatic Rifles that produces more damage and range with a slight hit on stability
Increased range of high-damage rifle ammo
Rebalanced wear and cost of BA barrel upgrades
Aligned the 2 S.m.K.Hart ammo parameters as they were slightly off in regards to armor penetration.
Semi-Automatic Rifle Specialist ribbons progress 25% faster
Lowered gold prices on ALL boosters by approx. 25%
Lowered price (both gold & credits) on Semi-Automatic Rifle Specialist boosters
Lowered price (both gold & credits) on entry level tank specialist boosters
Raised ribbon boost % to 75% from 50%
Increased price of driver & chauffeur booster
SMG upgrade tweaks (generally decreasing precision/stability of ROF upgrades)
Light spring
Less stability
Less precision
Less ROF
Light bolt
Less stability
Less precision
Field Trigger
Less stability
Marksman trigger
Less precision
Stainless Steel Barrel
Less 'far' range
More 'close' range
Reduced 'close' range of SMG (pistol) ammo
Removed handgrenades from the default loadout of infantry soldiers.
Moved handgrenade unlock to rank 3 on Infantry Assault ribbon
Moved some of the captured AT mines and AT grenades 1 rank down in order to spread the unlocks
Moved ironfist bronze to rank 3 chauffeur
Moved ironfist silver to rank 7 chauffeur
Moved logistics expert bronze to rank 6 chauffeur
Moved logistics expert silver to rank 8 chauffeur
Moved tier-1 SMGs to infantry assault rank 4 (from 5)
Moved bolt-action rifle unlocks to infantry assault rank 6 (from 2)
Fixed not being able to activate the Ribbon Booster for Armor Assault from Ribbon Overview


Re-named APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) resources to ISV (Infantry Support Vehicle)
Added counter for extra memberships and you can click on the orange text now to go directly to membership overview
Initial gold for new players is now 300 instead of 0, initial credits now 60.000 instead of 10.000
Fixed misplaced render of vehicles for purchase confirmation windows
Corrected Infantry Assault Description in PL language
Adjusted underdog bonus translation in RU language
Fixed EN description of S.M.E. 7.92 Ball Ammunition
Fixed EN description of s.S. Patrone Ammunition
Adjusted skin name of Russian Blackwood for the PPS-43
Matchmaking screen no longer shows when switching wars when in matchmaking
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