Reto-Moto vient tout juste de publier la mise à jour « Wings of War » pour son FPS sur le thème de la Seconde guerre mondiale, Heroes & Generals. Comme son nom le laisse supposer, cette mise à jour est centrée sur l'aviation, qui voit ses contrôles simplifiée et sa flotte enrichie de trois appareils (Petlyakov Pe-3bis pour les soviétiques, Messerschmitt Me 410B-2 pour les allemands et Curtiss P-40N Warhawk pour les américains).

La liste complète des changements ainsi qu'une vidéo de présentation de la mise à jour se trouvent dans la suite de la nouvelle ; et pour savoir ce que l'on pense du jeu, direction notre vidéo-test.


Weapons & Vehicles

Added new German Heavy Fighter Messerschmitt Me 410B-2
Added new Soviet Heavy Fighter Petlyakov Pe-3bis
Added new United States Medium Fighter Curtiss P-40N Warhawk
Moved the P-38 Lightning to the Heavy Fighter class
Messerschmitt Bf-109 and the Yak-9 are now classified as Medium Fighters
Added bombs to the Reconnaissance Planes
Minor speed adjustments have been made for the planes, making them slightly slower
Decreased speed at which the planes stall, to allow for better plane control
Added new plane controls:
Default Plane Control (Mouse): Plane moves where the mouse moves
Alternate Plane Control (Camera): Plane moves where the camera moves
Alternate Plane Control (Classic): Plane is controlled with keyboard
Added new throttle controls:
Default Throttle Control: Automatic (Switches back to optimal combat speed automatically)
Alternate Throttle Control: Step (Each time “W” or “S” is used, a step is taken to increase or reduce plane speed)
Alternate Throttle Control: Smooth (“W” and “S” can be used to set throttle speed at what player desires)
New Factory Paint Jobs for the following planes (old Factory Paint Job are kept as legacy for players who already have them):
Messerschmitt Bf-109
P-38 Lightning
New Vehicle Paint Job for the Messerschmitt Bf-109
Forest Splinter
New Vehicle Paint Job for the Yak-9
Kozhedub Two Tone
New Vehicle Paint Job for the P-38 Lightning
Dark Earth & Green
Fixed UI performance issues when inside a tank
Tweaked vehicle resupply, if one weapon connected to your seat is empty, all the weapons will be fully re-supplied
Tweaked tracers, larger but dimmer glow


Factory Map Adjustments
Deploy zone of infantry at O2 pulled slightly back to increase run distance to the Objective (Creating a better balance between attackers and defenders of the Objective
Added more cover between the deploy zone of O2 and the Objective to prevent easy spawnkilling
Switched the opened doors of the O2 Objective building to further increase run distance to get in the Objective from the O2 Deploy zone (Better gameplay balance)
Opened backdoor of O1 Objective to provide a better path for Defenders
Switched the opened doors of the O1 Objective Building to divert the attackers from the O1 Deploy zone


Added the Heavy Fighter upgrade to Medium Fighter Assault Teams
Altered range and speed of the Medium and Heavy Fighter Assault Teams to fit in the Heavy Fighters (Heavy Fighter Assault Teams have a higher range)
Set a separate resource production for the Heavy Fighters
Updated Anti-Cheat

Weapon Depot update

The behavior for mods is:
Modifications get uneqipped from the soldier and from the weapon when entering the depot, making them available for any suitable soldier and weapon. Once bound, the modification sticks to the soldier but is still freely transferable between suitable weapons.

For Ammo:
Ammo is kept in the weapon, but once the weapon is given to a soldier, it becomes unequipped and usable for all unlocked weapons for that soldier.

This applies retroactively, so mods previously unavailable will now be there in lieu of having to repurchase them with a new soldier.
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