Reto-Moto, le développeur du FPS Heroes & Generals continue le support de son jeu sur la Seconde Guerre mondiale avec l'ajout récent de la mise à jour « Young », baptisée ainsi en l'hommage du brigadier général Gordon Russell Young (1891-1963).

Il s'agit d'une importante mise à jour apportant un nouveau mode de jeu (Confrontation) avec une nouvelle carte (dépôt), deux nouvelles armes (un pistolet-mitrailleur soviétique et une carabine américaine), un nouveau véhicule (SdKfz 2), du camouflage pour les véhicules.

Une vidéo de rpésentation ainsi que la (très longue) liste complète des changements se trouvent dans la suite de la nouvelle.

Action Game


New GameMode: Encounter! Two groups of infantry fight for a single control point.
Added new Encounter Map - Depot
Added Spawnprotection zone to Encounter map
Added Spawnprotection zone to all Skirmish maps
Town Map:
Fixed missing collider on service station (A4) fence gate
Fixed B3 stairs visually. Part of the pavement was inside building
Fixed misplaced side decorations on Pontoon bridge
Fixed exploit that you could walk inside pontoon bridge
Fixed 5 hovering trees east of B4
Fixed hovering bush at C3
Fixed misplaced piece of window on house (1D) between C4 and B4
Second AA at C4 has been removed now
Fixed gap in stone wall above D3
Fixed the stuckage point in the water below D4 bridge between the mud and the bridge
Fixed gaps in the concrete rails of Stone Bridge
Fixed hovering tree by E2
Fixed hovering logs at E3
Fixed sharp terrain edges at E3
Fixed clipping boxes through roof of House (2C)
Fixed gap in Church B side stairs
Fixed being able to capture Church from the stairs to upper church
Fixed an issue with a chair inside Police Station that could get you stuck
Fixed stuckage in Police Station bottom floor behind the table
Fixed exploitable gaps in house 8B on secondary spawn Police Station
Fixed exploit that players could jump through roofs
Fixed issue that soldiers could glitch through angled surfaces
The Window glass is no longer rendered on top of the grenade throw arch (House2B)
Fixed issue that you could see through walls when looking down stairs in some buildings (1A_RuinA, House 1D and House2C)

Weapons, Vehicles & Skins

New Soviet Weapon PPS-43 Submachine Gun
New United States Weapon M1A1 Carbine Folding Stock Rifle
New German Motorcycle Kettenkraftrad HK 101 German Light Tractor
M3 Greasegun updates
RoF Increase
Close range damage increase
Muzzle velocity increased to ~285 m/s
M1 garand updates
Better precision when fast firing
M1A1 Thompson updates
Muzzle velocity increased to ~285 m/s
All handguns recoil animation when aiming has been updated to lessen view blocking.
Fixed scoping issue under certain lighting conditions
Fixed a too dark scope with HDR turned off (it's now same as when HDR is on)
Fixed black flickering border around thick reticle segments
Fixed flickering issue when reloading AVS in precision mode
New weapon skins
M1A1 Carbine
Factory, Carbon Black, Frog Skin, Dark Walnut, Beech, Army Green
Gewehr 43
Alder wood
Tula Tokarev 33
Anodized Black
Factory, Anodized Black, Army Paint, Camouflage 'A'
Patriotic Field Camo, PFC Stencil, PFC Chalk, PFC Birch
M1917 Revolver
New shot & reload sounds
P08 Parabellum Pistol
New shot & reload sounds
FG42 Rifle
New reload sounds
M1/M2 Carbine Rifle
New reload sounds
Fixed issue that camera would clip in the machine gun when aiming upwards in the BA-64B
Adjusted StuG III Ausf. G Armor values down to Reflect Realistic Values
Vehicle Crates Have New Textures And Decals Showing Content
New vehicle skins
Truck 4x4 - new better looking factory skin
Truck 4x4 - new skin "Olive & Drab"
Gaz-67 - new better looking factory skin
Gaz-67 - new "Vasyugan Light" skin
Kübelwagen - new better looking factory skin
Kübelwagen - new "Ambush DB" skin
Kettenkraftrad HK 101 - factory skin
Kettenkraftrad HK 101 - "Ambush DB" skin
Kettenkraftrad HK 101 - "Light Olive" skin
Fixed missing hatch colliders on BT-7, T-34/85 and IS-2
Fixed issue that 5th passenger on M4A1 Sherman could operate parts of the tanks
Fixed stuckage problems for T38
Civilian truck wheels no longer clip through the vehicle when driving over obstacles
Fixed Tiger II animation. Tracks could come through the side skirt
Kübelwagen smoke now correctly comes from engine
Added in-game icon for Bicycles and Civilian Trucks

Character Movement

First iteration of new collision system for soldiers. Proning is now possible in previously non-pronable areas.
Prone crawls faster and updated
Sprinting always boosts character speed and you can more easily force uphill terrain
Blending from run to sprint to aim and vice versa is a lot more smooth
Sprint stamina cost reduced = sprint longer before fatiqued
Character - General Mechanics
Removed stamina costs when jumping, but regenerating stamina when jumping is paused
You can now shoot when in slide state, ie. slipping down slopes/roofs
Toggle precision aiming is now more solid, reducing the number of times players with toggled-aiming is forced out of aiming.
Weapon animations updated
Fixed ingame map animation. It now has arm restrains in vehicles.
Fixed driver animations when pressing CTRL in an APC
Fixed wrong binocular animation shown when switching from aimed mode to binoculars


Spawn menu redone
The overview of spawn options is no longer available on mouseover, but only when spawn is clicked for a cleaner and less confusing interface.
Ghost mode (Spawn protection)
In Encounter and Skirmish spawn protection lasts until you leave spawn area
All player actions are now available when in ghost mode, but actions like firing your weapon will break it early
Objects in ghost mode are now half transparant to the players who can interact with them
Vehicles in spawn protected areas now spawn in ghost mode
Tooltip Invisible Eye Icon (When in Ghost mode)
A player can enter both ghost mode and non ghost vehicles, unless the player is non ghost mode and the vehicle is ghost mode and is occupied
When the enemy enters a spawn protected area, he is informed and his weapons are unequipped
Matchmaker improvements to stop players entering "battles that are ending" - Squads are locked for new players when they only have access to 40 lives for inf type squads and 20 for other types
Matches are locked when the last loosing faction has under 50 lives left
Deploy queue (action game only)
Now triggered at player diff of 1 instead of 2
Now lower limit set to 50% down from 70% of full server.
Deploy queue disabled when match is locked
Action server part of the underdog bonus
OSE (On Screen Effects) added
Damage (Camshake, blood, red vignette and post effects)
Explosion (Camshake, vignette and post effects)
Explosion Water (Camshake, waterdroplets and post effects)
Impact (Dirt, Dark vignette)
Impact Water (Water droplets)
Vignette (dark corners both for aim and precise aim)
Invisible (Desaturation, Darkened)
InProtectedArea (Glowing and brightened)
Clouds improved to look better, especially on low settings
Fixed weapon invisibility during camera zoom sequence when spawning
Fixed three-monitor setup: control points are now placed correctly
F2 Toggle overlay (temporarily) removed

Strategy Game


Underdog bonus
The current underdog bonus is shown when the player chooses faction
The current underdog bonus is now displayed next to each faction in the battle briefing window.
The warfunds and xp received from the underdog bonus is shown in the battle report.
If an underdog bonus is available it is now displayed under each faction in the faction selection window (when trying to join war missions or opening the campaign screen without a faction)
See blog post/Steam announcement for more details on underdog bonus
Changed how bonuses are added to XP / Ribbons / Credits and Warfunds, they are now based on the base value and then added together - f.ex. a 2% bonus and a 10% bonus on a value og 100 is now : 100 + 2 + 10 and not miltiplied in.
Changed the structure of the battlereport data that is sent to the flash client to improve performance
Battle report now displays rank and ribbon xp gained from underdog, ribbon booster and campaign bonus in details
Added colored faction icons to war status, mission details and character carousel where they appear
Supplyline skirmishes can now have an undecided state (Area Reconoissance) where the map and gamemode is not set. It stays in the undecided state until something other than infantry joins, or until the preparation phase ends.
Paratrooper AT pass
Airborne ATs (paratrooper and pathfinder) should only become un-grounded (i.e flying) when they receive transport planes, not in any other case
Grounded airborne ATs can request plane supplies if and only if there are no resource AT containing planes for them on the map
"Plane" supplies "flies" rather than travel on the ground (this includes fighter planes and transport planes)
Paratrooper ATs reaching a battle location as the third faction should retreat if they cannot land anywhere
Paratrooper ATs reaching a battle location as the third faction should retreat if the battle is evaluated to be "not-fun" by the Battle Director
If an AT requests reinforcements and subsequently gets into battle while the reinforcements are enroute, then the reinforcements will merge with the AT when they reach the destination, and the resource count for the AT is updated in the action game.
Campaign Map Changes:
Added 276 battlefields to create more war battles (generally around chokepoints in Western Europe and Italy)(total 3496)
Relaxing the tight chokepoints in the alps by adding more battlefields.
Added tight attack line on the ridge of the alps
Created more choke points in the Ardennes to give Germany more protection from US (and seperating Netherlands and Belgium more)
Added sea-lines from England to Denmark
Added sealine from Norway to Denmark
Added sealine between Denmark and Sweden
Added more battlefields in Sweden to increase the number of battles between US and Soviet.
Campaign town Siliviri renamed to Silivri
Campaign town Uzun Keupru renamed to Uzunköprü
Fixed resource speeds on Campaign
Soldiers: 1.9;
Cars/motorcycles: 1.8;
APCs/recon vehicles/Lt.Armor: 1,7;
Medium Armor/TDs: 1.5;
Heavy Armor: 1.3;
Fighter Planes: 5;
Transport Planes: 4.
Fixed no armyresource refund after war ended bug
Fixed issue where planes supply unit would move to connected town and be stuck when defense mission was won
Fixed an issue where veteran bonus exceeding a ribbon level could result in wrong XP progress bar proportions
Moving supply units now creates a destination marker
Fixed issue when old battle report is opened, all new battle reports would show 'expired' on Claim Veteran Bonus when the old battle report is still opened.
Fixed an issue that plane supply would not spawn at the nearest airfield to a Capital when the AT is inside that airfield
Fixed an issue that plane supply would spawn at Capital X Airfield and move to Capital Y Airfield because the AT resides in airfield Capital X
Plane supply units now have the airfields highlighted like the other air units have
Plane supply units now have a movement radius indicator
Fixed issue that a paratrooper AT could kick third faction from the battle (mixed stack issue)
Paratroopers which still have some supply waiting now do show up in friendly contested towns
Fighter AT's from faction C now correctly retreat after battle preparation phase ended and it's a mission created by faction A and B
Fixed an issue that paratroopers would not lose their wings when capturing neutral airfields

Soldier Overview

User Interface

Soldier screen update
New UI, look and feel
Upcoming command point unlock now show percentage progression
Soldier renaming and tier information is found on soldier screen instead of hidden away
Upcoming command point unlocks are no longer visible for level 17 non general characters, since they cant get the unlock unless they change to general
Selecting and finding soldiers has been revamped, now a scrollable list in the left of the soldier screen with filter options
Rank unlock windows now show the soldier's new base salary
The character career tree has been replaced by a much simpler component that simply displays the career choices currently available to the soldier.
Removed concrete background on tank AP and HE ammo.
Fixed issue that a maxed out General who clicks on war victory ribbon will open rank progression window instead of war victory ribbon
Buying veteran membership now immediately unlocks slot 4 and you will be able to equip weapons in it without re-opening the window
Ribbon Experience Changes:
Added rank xp for encounterbattles won
Added rank xp for capturepoint neutralize
Added rank xp for repairing own vehicle (minor bonus)
Added rank xp for repairing other players vehicle (major bonus)
Added rank xp for stealing vehicles
Added rank xp for players spawning in players vehicle
Added rank xp for players using players infantry support crates
Added rank xp for killing while capturing
Added xp to Battleribbon for encounters gamemode
Added xp to recon ribbon for stealing recon vehicles
Added xp to driver ribbon for stealing jeeps and motorcycles
Added xp to chauffeur ribbon for stealing apcs
Added xp to tank driver ribbon for stealing tanks
Added xp to tactical bomber ribbon for stealing planes
Added xp to all vehicle specialist ribbons for repair
Added xp for all vehicle specialist ribbon for use of supply crates (not aircraft)
Added xp to APC specialilst ribbons when players deploy using the APC
Increased xp bonus on parachute ribbon drivers (+33%)
Adjusted soldier salaries. Killing -15% (not long distance) earning.
Adjusted soldier salaries. Capturing +20% earning.
Increased credit price on uniforms


Shop ads are now properly localized in all languages
Fixed clipping issue in French localization for close combat ribbon
Fixed issue where text would overlap images, making text difficult to read (ribbon progression)
Fixed issue where text overlaps images in Pistol 1911 Unlock (All non-English languages)
Veteran bonus XP no longer overlaps Soldier Rank in Polish language (battle report)
Warbonds and Ribbon Boosters text in the shop no longer exceeds the image size (French language)
Fixed linebreak issue in weapon menu for weapons with a long name (German language)
Paratrooper skin Liebermuster and Sumpfmuster 43 no longer have their names / skins mixed up with each other
Fixed incorrect naming of the Stug in the specialist ribbon
Fixed incorrect description on ZF-39 Scope T-post Reticle on K98 Specialist ribbon
Fixed description text of BT-7
Made Infantry Assault description more clear
Fixed description of squad invite error when invited players presses accept but doesn't have the required character to join


Introduction of tier "0" for players who are just starting out in the game (i.e. maximum rank of characters is 1).
Tier "1" is now applicable to players with maximum rank on their characters being 2 and above, but less than 5.
Tier "2" is now applicable to players with maximum rank on their characters being 5 and above.
Tooltips increased in fontsize from 16 to 18
Login area now easier to navigate and better layout
Faction icons are now colored instead of white where appropriate.
Added drop shadows to combat badges and ribbon icons.
Refactored the window handling system quite a lot
New front end backgrounds
New front end popup windows
"Change soldier name" icon added
Changed the clip images for the M1 and the M2 Carbine
Fixed stuck grenades in German infantry images
Changed clip image for the Browning machine gun
Changed image for the MG42 clip image
Changed the clip image on the MG34
Change the clip image for the FG42
Fixed wrong icon shown for P08 Parabellum magazine shown when reducing to 1 Ammo pouch
Updated medic crate image
Fixed compressed M3A1 Lend-lease image in vehicle window
Fixed M3A1 Lend-Lease image turning into the M3A1 (US) image in the supply crate window
Fixed various wiki links "Game Guide", "Help" & "Buy Warbonds"
Added new warbond series
Updated Anti-Cheat
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