Reto-Moto, le développeur du FPS Heroes & Generals continue le support de son jeu sur la Seconde Guerre mondiale avec l'ajout récent de la mise à jour « Zhukov », baptisée ainsi en l'hommage du célèbre général Russe Gueorgui Joukov.

Il s'agit d'une importante mise à jour, suivant de quelques semaines à peine la mise à jour Youg, déployée mi-novembre. Zhukov corrige ainsi la carte dépôt introduite avec le précédent patch, en y modifiant les poins de spawn, en y ajoutant un souterrain et en modifiant la zone centrale. On note aussi l'apparition de nombreux véhicules dans la catégorie des tanks légers et d'une nouvelle arme (un révolver soviétique).

Une vidéo de présentation ainsi que la (très longue) liste complète des changements se trouvent dans la suite de la nouvelle.

Action Game


Depot Map Iteration:
Moved Accespoints a bit back to prevent spawn suppression
Moved Spawns a bit back and spread them out to avoid spawn suppression
Extended spawn protection zone to avoid spawn suppression
Added a hill between Accesspoints and Capturepoint on both Accesspoints to allow better flanking
Put the depot gate ajar to prevent APCs from entering the point
Opened a doorway on the trench side of the depot to encourage flanking through the trenches
Added a basement tunnel system to the depot to expand capture area
Fixed missing coli on a rock in Depot map
Fixed tangent space black texture on the beam of the shed at B cap point (forest skirmish)
First Blood, fixed an issue of no terrain being visible
Multiple Fixed tangent space issues to eliminate black spots on graphics.
Fixed random holes in Forward Airfield map

Vehicles & Weapons

New Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf. L German Light Tank
New "AmbushDB" camouflage variation for the Pz II L
New T-70 Model 1942 Soviet Light Tank
New Lavrinenko Two-Tone Camouflage for the T-70
New BA-6 Soviet Reconnaissance Vehicle
New Nagant M1895 Soviet Revolver
Tweaked BMW R75 - easier to control now
Tweaked BMW R75 - less risk of flipping
Improved the handling of M3A1
Slightly increased conefire on Pz. II Aufs. C
Slightly increased conefire on SdKfz 222
Aligned vehicle damage of the default ammo for panzer 38 with other equivalent ammo (Adjust down a bit)
German R75 Motorcycle w. Sidecar graphics update. Including Model /Shader / Texture / Setup
US 42WLA Motorcycle graphics update. Including Model / Shader / Texture / Setup
US M24 Chaffee Light Tank graphics update. Including Shader / Texture
US M24 Chaffee Light Tank graphics update. New Camouflage paint job
M2A2 Light Tank new camouflage paint job.
Panzerkampfwagen I Ausf. A new camouflage paint job.
Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf. C main gun clip size reduce down to realistic size ( 20 -> 10 )
Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf. C main gun deafult ammo boosted near range damage to ensure infantry kills out to 200meters.
Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf. C & L damage->vehicles adjusted - see below
New Clip image for the Luger
Corrected wrong penetration values for PzIIc written in UI. UI now represents the real game values.
20mm Panzergranate 39 - from 20mm to 25 mm.
20mm Panzergranate 40 - from 20mm to 35 mm.
Fixed broken view when using crouch function in tanks
Fixed black texture beneath main cannon on the front of Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. H
Fixed clipping tires of APC when driving over objects


Damage effect (blood) for zones (the effect can still be accumulated so it mainly affects the first shots)
When being shot in the Legs the effect is less and masked so it appears more in the bottom of the screen
When being shot in stomach areas the effect level is inbetween head and legs
Full effect for head and neck
Toned down blood splatter in the center of screen on first hit... (it can still acumulate and become more solid in center.)
Removed no-longer-used code to handle depricated 3d HUD to improve performance (invisible for players)
Capture progress is once again shown in the deploy menu
Fixed Extremely blurry view on high settings in DirectX9

Soldier Overview

User Interface

Moved BA-64 unlock to level 5 to make room for BA-6
Moved Pz. 38 unlock to level 3
Moved Pz.III unlock to level 4
Added Pz II 'Luchs' to Armor ribbon level 5
Moved BT-7 unlock to level 3
Moved T-34 76 unlock to level 4
Added T-70 unlock to armor ribbon level 5
Moved 'Hetzer' from level 6 to level 7
Price adjustments, pistol/SMG ammo
Combat badge effects are now shown in Unlock window and progression overview
Ranking fixes:
Objectives Captured now correctly shows
Vehicle-time now correctly calculated
Savior kills now correctly calculated
Fixed issue where multikill didn't show up / register correctly
Weapon-usage time now correctly calculated
Total Influence now correctly calculated
Weapon kills now correctly calculated
Vehicle kills now correctly calculated
Vehicle kill accuracy now correctly calculated
Unspotted captures now recognized
Time played now correctly calculated
Capture assists now correctly calculated
CP captures now correctly calculated
Total deploys now correctly calculated
Encounter Battles added to statistics
MobileSpawns added to statistics
Vehicle, Weapon, Soldier Appearance and AT overview layout tweaked and updated.
When purchasing a ribbon level, the price buttons for the next level are now active as soon as they're visible.
Fixed Soldier in filtered list remains selected when a different soldier was chosen on a battle briefing screen
Fixed Unlocked weapons getting overlapped by text when unlocked in the Weapons and Equipment window
Player Profile (formerly known as playerStats) screen showing personal stats is back!
Fixed overlapping status bars when upgrading M1A1 Carbine
Fixed ribbon pricing of IS-2 Model 1944 Specialist Ribbon
War Victory Ribbon price fixed


Fixed clipping text issue in ribbon over view / view progression screen
Fixed incorrect armour thickness description of T-34/76
Fixed incorrect warbond expiration dates shown
Fixed overlapping text of Tula Tokarev 33 and Ammunition Loadout in all non-English languages
Tanker Camouflage Sumpfmuster and Liebermuster no longer switched around


Fixed no rank progress for rank 17 soldiers in battle report
Fixed 'unknown' message in queue for friends when friend is playing encounter mission


Please notice that from early 2016 Heroes & Generals will no longer support the Windows XP operating system. We recommend Windows XP users to upgrade their operating system to enjoy future Heroes & Generals updates. So IF you run XP please upgrade before early 2016.
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