vampirethemasqueradebloodlines_005.jpgLa communauté continue son support de Vampire : The Masquerade - Bloodlines, plus de trois ans après sa sortie.

Comme d'habitude, ce patch corrige une flopée de bugs qui parsèment encore l'univers de Vampire : The Masquerade.
Pour un peu plus de 200 Mo, vous pourrez télécharger le patch sur The Patchs Scrolls, FilePLanet et JV.fr.

Le changelog complet (en anglais) se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
Changes in 4.3:

Improved Bach and Johnny cutscenes and the Chang brothers immunity.
Added Nosferatu option for Vandal's quest and a gascan inspection.
Unhid special situation in Chinatown and fixed prostitute hair bug.
Restored over 60 unused lines, thanks for the list to RobinHood70.
Prevented dead Chunk from dancing and fixed Lotus tub guy reaction.
Restored over 30 missing sounds and removed crackhouse respawning.
Made prostitute leave you when attacked and removed some more keys.
Raised Romero training stats and added Intimidation option for Ji.
Allowed some more feeding from Heather and improved her last scene.
Restored crossbow damages and fixed Blood Buff effect for Tremere.
Installer created as seperate archive, many thanks to Paul Moloney.

Made Pisha's quests fail on fight and fixed gallery bar inspection.
Fixed Vandal's freebie and Venus' cut rate, thanks to RobinHood70.
Repaired dialogue bugs of bum, Mercurio, Tseng, Yukie and Danielle.
Corrected sewers level load orientation and two comfort reactions.
Fixed new line on phone not working and minor log and text details.
Unstuck Ricky and swapped a few prostitutes to seperate like ones.
Repaired Cal not letting you up and dead Mercurio sending an email.
Corrected Flynn giving guymag for free and a Nadia dialogue error.
Fixed laser beams again and removed Patty's corpse from Confession.
Repaired Jeanette scene blood condition and Giovanni backtracking.
All dialogue and python scripts streamlined, thanks to RobinHood70.
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