vampirethemasqueradebloodlines_001.jpgThe Patches Scrolls nous annonce la parution d'un nouveau patch non officiel pour Vampire : The Masquerade - Bloodlines. Vous pourrez trouver le patch à l'adresse suivante (29Mo).

En gros le patch corrige des bugs et fait quelques ajustement de gameplay, mais voici la liste exacte des corrections qu'il apporte pour ceux qui veulent en savoir plus :

+Moved Pyro Crossbow from Society to Syndicate instead of bloodpack.
+Changed new stealth rules so that only highest sneaking is harder.
Made Ocean House quest failure update when reconciling the sisters.
Fixed details with Isaac, Boris, Jack, Heather, Mercurio and Phil.
Implemented ZVTool and added readmes to tools, thanks to ZylonBane.
Lessened vents fade outs at Skyeline Apartments and fixed a decal.
Added second T-Rex sound to museum and corrected some text details.
Restored xps at Glaze for peaceful approach and fixed the monitor.
Fixed morphine quest after warehouse and .38 ammo tutorial exploit.
Added blood loss when ghouling Heather and having fun with others.
Made Sin Bin ATM indestructible to avoid breaking connected script.
Improved card printer usage and added a few more inspection nodes.
Restored original descriptions for crossbow bolts and rifle rounds.
Added several missing doors and adjusted SM endgame bus stop maps.
Moved restored female raver to the Asylum and fixed teeth textures.
Hid Giovanni crypt trapdoor icons and fixed Nadia and zombie bugs.
Removed second Dominate tutorial enemy and Johansen basic problems.
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