The Patches Scrolls nous annonce la parution d'un nouveau patch non-officiel pour Vampire : The Masquerade - Bloodlines. A ce stade là, on appelle cela de l'acharnement thérapeutique. Vous pourrez trouver le patch à l'adresse suivante dans sa version cumulative 1.2=>5.8 (140 Mo) et à celle-ci dans sa version 5.7=>5.8 (56 Mo).

En gros, le patch corrige des bugs et fait quelques ajustement de gameplay, mais si vous souhaitez connaitre la liste complète des changements, lisez la suite de la nouvelle.

(+) denotes changes to plus pack
+Added two new poster quests for card, plate, star and grenade props.
+Made Ventrue start off with Charisma +1 instead of Camarilla bonus.
+Re-named .38 "Colt Police Positive Special" and fixed Regent reward.
+Sending Copper after the president triggers a Masquerade violation.
+Made Isaac recognize the Tzimisce defeat even if you pissed him off.
Restored basic Blood Buff and Heather, and horror tapes label name.
Corrected Obfuscate issues with serial killer, Hengeyokai and Boris.
Put purse in diner if Doris is dead and fixed Gallery cops leaving.
Restored multiple endgame stock-ups by closing Skyeline haven vents.
Replaced unknowable names for Danielle, Spicoli and Sin Bin dancer.
Fixed log updates regarding Therese spirit and Regent plague quests.
Added cop cars to Beachhouse map and fixed other minor map details.
Corrected dialogues of Mercurio, E, Trip and Isaac Gargoyle problem.
Added one xp for stealing the Kamikaze Zen money and adjusted logs.
Lowered award for killing a demon in his human form to two xps only.
Adjusted fonts issues regarding Dementation and Tremere Domination.
Removed the Lotus patron after you placed the talisman successfully.
Edited history and occult item descriptions to display percentages.
Added Lilly's purse to her belongings and improved book drop sounds.
Fixed minor dialogue problems with Trip, Flynn, Heather and Copper.
Re-fixed tutorial .38 exploit and added ModDevGuide, thanks to Dheu.
Turned Chantry haven into Masquerade area to fix Tremere detriment.
Included > 2 GB patched shaderapidx9.dll, thanks to Jor and Wabbite.
Added missing light effects to cop cars appearing at Venture Tower.

Patched engine.dll and shaderapidx9.dll files are included to repair
the coronas-gone-after-reloading and blurry-or-missing-textures-with
-more-than-2-GB-memory bugs, as well as backups of the 1.2 versions.
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