Blue's News nous annonce la parution d’un nouveau patch non officiel pour Vampire : The Masquerade - Bloodlines. Vous pourrez trouver le patch à l'adresse suivante (21Mo).
En gros le patch corrige des bugs et fait quelques ajustement de gameplay, mais voici la liste exacte des corrections qu’il apporte pour ceux qui veulent en savoir plus :
+Repaired braid perception powerup and Yukie and VV dialogue issues.
+Restored third person melee and included alternate files in tools.
Corrected minor dialogue and map details and two item descriptions.
Swapped tape messages at Grout's Mansion and fixed clipping ghoul.
Restored Toreador humanity xp bonus and burning Tzimisce creations.
Added many expressions towards Nosferatu and adjusted some others.
Fixed missing Patty quest update and a possible Boris and Dema bug.
Repaired warehouse bum leaving and Romero fun sound playing again.
Fixed Dane crane switch directions and removed Venture window taxi.
Removed Misti freebie for Nosferatu and added a Sweeper reference.
Changed sound for dead body container and some npctemplate genders.
Added short-time bar replacement for Venus in case you killed her.
Made Glaze monitor turn off earlier and fixed Zhao death reference.
Moved Kamikaze Zen vent exit into a back alley to make more sense.
Corrected wrong observatory manhole sound and many bad drop sounds.
Placed females at the Blood Hunt and restored Heather clothes fix.
Corrected a TBO sign typo and male Tremere model, thanks to MooCHa.
Fixed Prodigy history not being available and Dane computer issue.
Corrected contradiction of Wong Ho newscaster and newspaper report.
Fixed Pestilence for bosses and visible taxi TV icon and triggers.
Restored netcafe headrunner sequence and a Giovanni guard sentence.
Corrected Skelter/Patty issues and removed wrong gestures of Jack.
Restored unused Daniel Ash - Come Alive song into the Empire hotel.
Added TV sound to Nosferatu haven and made Sweeper defend himself.
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