vampirethemasqueradebloodlines_004.jpgUn nouveau patch non-officiel pour Vampire : The Masquerade - Bloodlines est disponible, faisant passer le jeu abandonné par ses développeurs après la sortie du patch 1.2 en version 4.6. Ce patch est uniquement disponible chez The Patches Scrolls pour 144 Mo.

La liste complète des changement se trouve en anglais dans la suite de la nouvelle.
v4.6 04.02.2008
Included fixed engine.dll and improved installer, thanks to MooCHa.
Changed damage of Ming's spit to bash and fixed minor text issues.
+Added male seduction feeding to the SM blueblood and Tommy Flayton.
Added log for sending Patty to alley and fixed two connected bugs.
Synced scream in hospital and rotated bus stop texture in downtown.
+Added option to keep Heather alive, but without getting the armor.
Prevented Tremere from being able to loose their haven for treason.
Fixed re-persuading or killing Tommy Flayton after quest was over.
Made Romero give you ammo with his rifle instead of magic box fill.

Restored overlooked Dodge powerup into Ocean House for basic patch.
Made Empire door locks consistent and added sound to Sin Bin kick.
+Adjusted NPC reloading of both crossbows and added some missing xp.
Hid invisible block at the theatre and corrected a few more props.
+Fixed new Danielle lines, Gary's poster order and Bertram CD quest.
Restored missing xp for second Pisha item and removed Nadia sound.
Fixed killing the Gargoyle after persuading him and a dialogue bug.
Corrected Heather not giving silver ring when you already got one.
Removed dialogue loop for McFly and restored another missing sound.
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