Ils se suivent et se ressemblent. Le nouveau patch non-officiel pour Vampire : The Masquerade - Bloodlines vient de sortir, faisant passer l'un des FPS les plus buggués de tous les temps en version 5.1. Au menu, c'est encore des brouettes de vilains bugs qui sont corrigés avec cette nouvelle version, et le jeu en contient encore autant.

Le patch peut se télécharger en deux versions :La liste complète des changements se trouve en anglais dans la suite de la nouvelle.
v5.1 08.04.2008
Removed Intimidation powerup of grenade prop and added it to basic.
Restored Protean 4/5 damage and some enemy discipline resistances.
+Made Tseng sell Shin Guntos and normal crossbows instead of Slater.
Restored unused name plate, throwing star and library card models.
Fixed new item models and female Tremere glasses, thanks to MooCHa.
+Made only Mercurio sell SWAT rifle rounds and Pyro Crossbow bolts.
Restored five vendor and three context icons and Giovanni's cabbie.
+Made Yukie invincible at Temple and streamlined Gary's phone call.
Restored hotel guard and warehouse Markus models, thanks to gardeb.
Added fade and sound when loving Romero and sound to pimpin quest.
Restored second Sabbat into warehouse and fixed MP infos and clans.
Improved Santa Monica rain speed and visuals, thanks to ZylonBane.
Armed sewer hunters with GLOCKs and sword hunters with Shin Guntos.
Restored a Gargoyle gesture and removed some of Regent and Prince.
Added special Jeanette email and repaired super-sensible Fu guards.
Removed Romero returning from basic but added him to pimpin quest.
Placed female bums into SM and adjusted cash inventory description.
Made cameras stackable and renamed SWAT rifle "Remington M24 SWS".
Added Firemage animations and fixed subtitles for dominated victim.

Fixed many enemies not damaging each other even when Blood Boilded.
Delayed Boris' Dementation reaction and made Dima leave when sent.
Turned all armor and Ocean House pendant not stashable or loosable.
Locked buggy Temple door for good and fixed more props and sounds.
Repaired Tseng shelves problem and added a missing Shu quest state.
Corrected Vandal, Isaac, Misti, Victor and Luca dialogue problems.
Added sound for Giovanni sliding doors and two missing email lines.
Fixed Lu, Heather, Gargoyle, Regent, Trip and Ash dialogue issues.
Renamed Cathayan "Fernando Cougat" and fixed Heather's morgue date.
Corrected bad Jeanette quest update and made Cal getting re-hired.
Fixed several left over basic/plus stat details, thanks to Offkorn.
Added warehouse start astrolite check and fixed minor text issues.
Removed unfitting sounds at Lotus Blossom and some dialogue pauses.
Fixed asking Malcolm about saved Heather and Knox's quest looping.
Re-fixed Thaumaturgy with non-humans and fixed Newscaster position.
Fixed double doors at Giovanni Mansion and removed Bruno's clones.
Added a Vandal line for females and fixed two Venture double doors.
Made Chang's threat stay in dialogue and fixed Lily's diary dates.
Moved female disease bum close to Last Round to make her lines fit.
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