vampirethemasqueradebloodlines_001.jpgUn nouveau patch non-officiel pour Vampire : The Masquerade - Bloodlines, le FPS du défunt Troïka Games, vient de voir le jour. Notez que ce patch nécessite la rustine officielle 1.2 installée pour pouvoir fonctionner.

Le téléchargement peut se faire sur l'un des deux miroirs suivants :Le changelog complet (Anglais) se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines v4.0 Unofficial Patch

* Created Appearance powerup and made Isaac give it instead of Charm.
* Made Strauss reward you with the Fae Charm instead of usual money.
* Recovered chewing gum to sell to Copper and stashed it on the pier.
* Restored rat crowd to warrens and ancient text to Leopold Society.
* Placed library keycard at Ramen and fixed some minor text problems.
* Moved dogs into junkyard and Skelter to Nines' side at one ending.
* Swapped cop Anacondas with Ithacas and made Pisha leave eventually.
* Restored Romero to be back after his quest and fixed zombie scene.
* Fixed cut off conversations and restored a hidden one to warehouse.
* Restored hidden models to Dane, to Blood Hunt and on junkyard map.
* Made armor absorb half the aggravated damage and raised Blood Heal.
* Removed cop cars from the Santa Monica pier after the police left.
* Added Fu Syndicate emergency doorcode and restored tire iron skill.
* Recovered three unseen newspapers and repaired a newspaper mix up.
* Restored two item models and renamed "Replica Katana" "Shin Gunto".
* Made Mercurio's email arrive later and fixed several email issues.
* Repaired warrens electrical terminal computer and fixed many props.
* Added some missing inspection nodes and made diner cook move more.
* Restored warrens door difficulty and fixed switches at observatory.
* Fixed Tong sounds at Zhao's and Hannah, Milligan and Pisha issues.
* Repaired Trip and Vandal not choosable at endgame in special cases.
* Re-changed Eliza and Thistle effects as they didn't work randomly.
* Added missing doors to Venture Tower rooftop and Blood Hunt levels.
* Fixed several name issues and explained others using loading tips.
* Changed Giovanni vampire guard stats and restored Dane crane icons.
* Turned your Santa Monica haven into Elysium area when Jack visits.
* Improved Barabus' hack position and made PCs accessable afterwards.
* Corrected Chunk's brother's subtitles and changed Chunk dance fix.
* Reformatted Sin Bin inventory pages and fixed more minor PC issues.
* Removed humanity for killing Milligan directly and fixed card bug.
* Placed Russians more inconspicuous and removed the two added locks.
* Put Heather's name in the morgue file in case you left her to die.
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