Alors que Troïka Games à abandonné depuis près de deux ans le support du jeu, des développeurs amateurs continuent de sortir des patchs pour l'excellent Vampire: The Masquerade : Bloodlines, sorti malheureusement bourré de bugs.

Ce nouveau patch, estampillé 3.5 est cumulatif (c'est à dire qu'il comprend toutes les versions antérieures) et peut se télécharger chez 3D Gamer's pour 186 Mo. Evidemment, n'espérez pas de révolution dans le gameplay, mais quelques corrections de bugs divers qui sont explicités en détails dans le changelog (anglais) se trouvant dans la suite de la nouvelle.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines unofficial patch 3.5

This is an unofficial patch for Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines
by Troika Games. It's a cumulative patch containing all the previous
patches and is intended for english retail or Direct2Drive versions!

Applying this patch to a version in another language will work also,
but all texts in the game previously appearing in that language will
be replaced by the english versions with the exception of the menus.

To install the patch extract this archive into the game folder using
options that keep directory structure and dates intact and overwrite
files of the same name. Removing is only possible by reinstallation.

This patch fixes many bugs, restores unused content and mods some of
the game to improve the consistency of the presented world. It ought
to be installed right on top of the Troika Games official patch 1.2.

More basic changes are listed first in the version history, then bug
fixes and more. It is recommended to start a new game after patching
to avoid odd behaviour, but continueing at hub change may work okay.

Both editors used for the creation of this patch are included in the
vdata directory. Many thanks go to Turvy for VPKTool and RobinHood70
for BSPEdit. Everything else can be done using a normal text editor.

Tips and Tricks:
When using the console, be sure to activate it from the menu only.
To reinstall clean up registry and remove vtmb.ini from /windows.
On start crashings force refresh rate override or use -dxlevel 80.
If you experience stutter on dual core systems turn one core off.
Don't save or leave maps with disciplines active to avoid crashes.
At high Obfuscate levels use attack to stealth kill successfully.
If a container auto-closes right-click the objects to choose them.
Have four empty inventory slots when taking Imalia's Tawni quest.
If you can't read papers re-bind "use" away from the mousebuttons.
To avoid crashes don't play sounds with the Windows Media Player.
When controls lag use Win98 compability mode and set priority low.
Enemy death may open doors and give items, which Trance does not.
Some feed victims stay in Trance so don't bite quest-related ones.
Occasionally Beckett stays in wolf form when meeting him, reload.
Game may crash in cutscenes if you are Obfuscated, so turn it off.
If you experience random attacking bind attack away from "enter".
Rarely your appartment may get full of strange stuff, just reload.
If a cutscene freezes try reload or type frenzyplayer in console.
When getting problems with a history during the tutorial, skip it.

Stuff not fixed:
"Skip intro" and special fonts only work at resolutions > 800x600.
Be aware that on dialogue your character will holster his weapon.
There are invisible blocks at the Theatre, the Museum and Fu Labs.
Gary's posters appear in all havens, Mitnick's emails dissappear.
Dead enemies drop only one weapon, some exit map icons are absent.
"Skip intro" appears after a saved game but does not always work.
Occasionally mailboxes do not receive rewards or objects drop out.
Female and male Gangrel show different stances in the background.
During some cutscenes your character will look and move strangely.
Bodies may dissappear and dead people may re-appear in cutscenes.
Prof. Johansen's christian name is stated to be Ingvar and Anders.
Vandal will not give his freebie if you already got a blue blood.
Same objects in containers and inventory will not show up in both.
Draining rats sometimes triggers melee mode after it is finished.
Game may hang on "wait" cutscene, walk on left side or use sewers.
At Confession third person view zooms in when being on the cross.
Testing out too many histories during selection is prone to crash.
Blood Shield stays on until exhausted or removed, this is no bug.
The news will not always fit as will the inside of some buildings.

Placed Yukie into endgame Temple like planned and fixed more props.
Swapped Boris' Colt with a Glock and updated CIS computer details.
Added female Desert Eagle and gave it to hunters, thanks to MooCHa.
Restored about ten unused lines from Jack, Knox, Trip and LaCroix.
Inverted Milligan humanity loss and clarified a tutorial quest log.
Lowered flamethrower lethality and Eldritch Prodigy damage effect.

Fixed missing stealth kill sounds for replica katana and bush hook.
Restored Protean claw effects and solved some smaller text issues.
Added missing lamps to the Ocean House trailer and locked the door.
Stopped Doris from falling in floor and the need to reset options.
Fixed wrong auras of Ash, Barabas and Julius and raised dog health.
Unified irregular maximal ammo values and changed some ammo worth.
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