Depuis son abandon par Troïka Games, la communauté de cesse de supporter Vampire: the Masquerade : Bloodlines par toute une série de patchs non-officiels qui viennent corriger pléthore de bugs divers et variés dont souffrait le jeu à sa sortie.

Ce patch 3.1 est cumulatif (Patch comprenant toutes les versions antérieures) et peut se télécharger chez 3D Gamer's.

Le changelog complet (Anglais) se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.

Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines unofficial retail patch v3.1
Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines unofficial patch 3.1

This is an unofficial patch for Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines by Troika Games. It's a cumulative patch containing all the previous patches and works best for english retail and Direct2Drive versions!

Applying this patch to a version in another language should work ok, but all ingame texts previously appearing in that language should be replaced by their english originals with the exception of the menus.

To install the patch extract this archive into the game folder while keeping the directory structure intact and backup all files that are overwritten if you want to remove it later. Alternatively reinstall.

This patch attempts to fix many bugs and improve other things but no guarantees are made, since not everything could be tested. It can be installed easily on top of the official 1.2 patch from Troika Games.

The more basic changes are listed at the top of the version history, then bug fixes and more. It is recommended to start a new game after patching to avoid odd behaviour, but updating between hubs may work.

Because of the restoration of the histories the patch comes with the original config.cfg, so change all the options to your liking again. If you get problems with the histories in the tutorial just skip it!

Unbarred Ming's temple door and hopefully fixed Beckett's wait bug.
Made Copper leave for infusion and restored Pisha's meal cutscene.
Removed hunter when Ash is gone and erected more tipped over props.
Turned character screens music off and lowered Venus' cut to $125.
Fixed ammo in Romero's trunk and reduced zombie spawning frequency.

Restored Jeanette/Therese struggling scene and a few Heather lines.
Made speech stop when Bruno enters and fixed some Giovanni guards.
Corrected errors in dialogues of Christopher, Milligan and Jezebel.
Deleted theatre statists and restored Larry's quest for Nosferatu.
Changed some weapon infos and moved Giovanni Mansion diving boards.
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