Le site officiel de Shootmania annonce le passage en version 1.3 de la bêta du titre. Cette mise à jour apporte un nouveau mode de jeu intitulé « Elite Exp » qui introduit certaines nouveautés de gameplay comme la possibilité de détruire les roquettes avec un coup de laser, de faire du rocket jumps et du wall jump (ce dernier uniquement sur les parties de château), une augmentation de la stamina des défenseurs qui voient en même temps leur nom de roquettes passer de 3 à 4.

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
The beta 1.3 will be released during today

Main changes:
-Storm Elite Exp title with experimental gameplay (more info below)
-Modes and script libraries updates and features (more info below)
-Performance optimization with many players
-Netcode optimization for snapshot delta time
-Avoid newly introduced lags when a new player connected
-Laser bug on the sky removed (*)
-New blocs like pillars on water, more diverse rempart bridges and dirt paths
-Ladder points at first match if player stay until the end of the match
-Opponent and ally colors in options (colorblind friendly)
-Free camera in spectator (double tap key 7)

Other changes

-Most changes are made in Elite Exp title
-Beacon fade when behind a wall, and size depends on the distance. New icon, but have to be improved.
-Hit boxes are a little smaller
-fixed the castle bloc using wrong gameplay surface
-faster swimming acceleration

-More bullet marks at same rendering cost
-Little improve on Nucleus vs wall rendering

-music stopped shortly after loading a new map
-improved water splashes, rocket trail positioning, footsteps

-reduction of the bandwidth used for sending the inputs
-improvement of the bandwidth used by the server

-better preloading of forcedmods and musics
-cache the server map more often to avoid redownloading

-make included replays and maps appear in the lists.
-better housecleaning when switching from title to title

-Can now use autoswitch when default weapon is not Rocket

Dedicated server:
-fix planet transactions in SM
-fixed SetForcedMusic() and SetForcedMods()
-fixed ForceSpector(), forcespectatortargett() and ForceTeam()
-Added GetCurrentWinnerTeam(), and added it to the ManiaPlanet.EndMatch() callback.

-New macroblock save system. The hierarchy of macroblocks now depends on the paths of files.
-Various crash fixes and improvements (delete and backspace keys in copy-paste mode, grid helper, offzone copy...)
-For plugins: new Layer interface, similar to the one used in game modes

-Restart no longer needed at download of a new title by the updater
-Screenshots (F10) & Videos output to 'ScreenShots' folder
-Fix graphic driver crash recovery
-Other crash fixes (during loading, painter, ...)
-Optims: for script network replication, for server manialink pages, when players had many different skins ...
-Fix jittering of animations (clouds, grass, tree leaves) on old server
-Performance improved on players/cars shadows
-Fixed: the 'Ok' button of the dialog box for the firewall check at Start of the game

Elite Exp

-Dedicated title to test Elite evolutions.
-Automatically pushed to beta testers.
-beginning of icons system to display info in the game (instead of texts)
-players made maps to help discover player made stuff (note: they already have newer/better versions or will have)

-optional: Add checkpoints to define the pole capture time with "nb checkpoints" seconds. Each checkpoint took reduce the pole capture time.
-3 rockets for defense instead of 4
-More stamina for defense
-New toss system (see below for more info)
-Some fixes under test (see below for more info)

- Ability to destroy rockets with laser
- Laser jump (on tech material like powerpath)
- Variable Jump (depending on how long you keep jump input down)
- Wall jumps (on castle walls)
- Changes in inertia tunings (keep more speed and lose less while turning)
- Time under witch you re-jump decrease (less unwated re-jump)


-Creation of a basic game mode (BasicMode.Script.txt) from wich other modes can easely extend

All modes:
-Use the correct sound for messages
-Use the new Rules library to display the rules

- Code cleaning
- The player's poles are reset if he falls in an offzone or respawns

Heroes/Elite Exp:
-New toss system.
-At the beginning of the match a team is drawn. Then this team choose if she wants to defend or attack first on the first map.
-On the second map it's the turn of the other team to decide.
-It's the team with the best goal average who decides how to start on the last map. Third on a best of 3 for example, if played.

-The server goes to next map instead of keeping to throw an error if the map played doesn't have the same number of poles for each team
-Fixed: The scores table doesn't pop up automatically at the end of the rounds and matches
-Fixed: The intro of the map is not played

Time Attack:
- Fixed: no ladder points awarded at the end of the map
- Extends from the new ModeBase script
- Use the Layers library to handle the UI
- Use the Chrono library to handle the timer
- Code cleaning
- Show the ranking of the first three players on the spawn screen

- Use the Layers library to handle the UI
- Show the ranking of the first three players on the spawn screen

- Extends from the new ModeBase script
- Show the ranking of the first three players on the spawn screen

- Extends from the new ModeBase script
- Autobalance team added to the options
- Fixed: Use the spectator mode to respawn during the attack phase even after loosing all its armors.

Heroes/Elite Exp:
- Fixed: can't take a slot in the line up for no apparent reason
- Fixed: Attacker eliminated and pole captured at the same time
- Fixed: A player can't take the place of a ready player in the line up
- Fixed: The next map vote now behave correctly (but a restart map vote
still restart the match)
- Display the name of the player who elimated the attacker in Elite

- (Rules) New library to display the rules in the spawn screen
- (Toss) New library for the toss system (see heroes/elite)
- (Chrono) New library to create timers
- (Achievements) New library to manage achievements during a game
- (Layers) The library is now compatible with Spectators
- (WarmUp) The library now include the line-up management module (as in Elite and Heroes)
- (WaitingList) Performances optimization
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