enemyterritoryquakewars_001.jpgSi vous vous sentez l'âme d'un aventurier, sachez que Splash Damage vient de mettre en ligne le patch 1.5 Bêta pour son FPS multijoueur Enemy Territory : Quake Wars. Alors bien-sûr, étant donné le statut Bêta de la mise à jour en question, le développeur décline toute responsabilité si votre jeu ou vous-même trouviez la mort après l'installation dudit patch.
À noter que les utilisateurs anglais qui ont déjà installé la version Bêta du Service Pack 3 de Windows XP ne pourront pas lancer le jeu. C'est con, mais c'est comme ça.

Cependant, sachez que ce patch propose une floppée de corrections, avec par exemple l'amélioration de l'IA des bots, ou encore la sauvegarde des points d'expérience qui ne fonctionnait pas tout le temps après une reconnection à un serveur. Désormais, ce point est rustiné et oublié.

ETQW 1.4 -> 1.5 BETA (Windows) :ETQW 1.0 -> 1.5 BETA Full Update (Windows) :ETQW 1.5 Serveur Stand alone (Windows) :La liste complète (en anglais) des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.

Players will no longer receive warning VO for incoming enemy artillery
Added g_aptWarning for toggling APT warning on the HUD
Restricted the g_mineIconSize cvar to values between 0 and 20
The Fireteam menu will now not show 'next page' unless there are 9 or more players (instead of 8)
Fixed Buddy Player Arrows showing up as the incorrect colour if that player had a Clan Tag
Fixed the Objective Bar sometimes changing colour
Fixed Magog warning spam
Ranked Servers :
Locked si_maxPlayers to 24 on Ranked Servers
Fixed being able to start a match on a Ranked server with less than 6 players
Map Loads, Auto-Downloads, ETQW:TV
Fixed downloading modifications from the server not working with Vista and UAC
Fixed the intro movie overriding the Accept Download prompt for mods on game restart
Fixed the map loading music continuing to play after the load had completed
Fixed the server crash when clients are downloading files
Fixed ETQW:TV Relays crashing when clients tried to connect too early
Player Statistics :
Fixed certain Achievement stats, such as Vehicle and Deployable kills, not being counted
Fixed ranks above Supreme Commander displaying as ##### or emptyname
Fixed Mining Laser objectives giving an additional 40 Soldier XP to the constructor
Fixed XP Save not working on reconnects
User Interface :
Fixed the 'Press F3 to Ready Up' tooltip not always displaying
Fixed the 'Most Vamptire Damage' typo in Personal Achievements
Fixed the final Objective in a map not counting towards the Most Objectives Completed end-game reward
Fixed Player Ranks not showing in-game or on the Scoreboard
Fixed spectators seeing a defaulted string in the end-game scoreboard
Fixed transparency options for Tooltips and Subtle Motivators not always saving
Fixed video options not always saving if a player is using a 'Set as Default' profile
Tooltips :
Fixed the Tooltip frame being completely white on first map load
Fixed decoy tooltip not always playing
Fixed Strogg Hack tooltip not playing on Volcano
Fixed players not turning to face final objective on Outskirts during tooltip
Fixed not resetting proficiency upgrade VO when resetting tooltips
Fixed Exploits
Fixed clients having incorrect spread values for the Scoped Assault Rifle whilst unscoped
Fixed exploit that allowed GDF to get past Strogg Energy Shields
Fixed being able to complete certain objectives at a distance
Fixed clipping hole in Refinery that allowed players to get underneath the map
Bots :
Fixed potential bot freeze issue with enemies & hunting
Fixed Medics not seeing obstacles when giving supplies
Fixed Anansi pilots getting stuck chasing Icarus players around the map
Bots will now avoid vehicles 'booby trapped' with Charges, unless it's the MCP
Bots will now stop and give engineers time to repair their vehicle
Bot Oppressors will use their Energy Shields more effectively
Bots can now use all seats in the Bumblebee
Removed some debug prints
Other Miscellaneous bot fixes
Miscellaneous :
Fixed unintentionally skipping through multiple weapons and tools when using the mousewheel
Fixed the 'Aborting Bombardment' VO not playing when the Airstrike/Violator beacon is in an invalid location
Fixed spectators sometimes hearing hit-beeps when switching between players
Fixed player landing sound sometimes playing multiple times
Fixed some cases of vehicle wheels occasionally being above the ground when they spawn
Fixed a disguise spotting issue
Fixed lock-on issues when the MCP is disabled
Fixed visual MCP deploy issue where it would sometimes come in sideways
Fixed objects sometimes showing up in the wrong place when playing back demos
Known Issues :
The game will not start for users running the Windows XP Service Pack 3 Beta
Some empty folders are left behind by the ETQW 1.5 uninstaller
Capturing the Energy Cells on Quarry gives no XP
Intermittent server crashes for some users
Additional map holes in Refinery and Salvage
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