warsow_006.jpgWarsow, le FPS gratuit basé sur le moteur de Quake II, vient de se voir doté d'un nouveau patch. Estampillé 0.32, ce patch corrige de nombreux petits bugs, ajoute un niveau (wca2) et des fonctionnalités pour les administrateurs de serveurs (notamment en ce qui concerne les "messages du jour").

Ce patch est disponible en différentes versions :

Changes from 0.31 to 0.32

New Features:
- Added new CA map - wca2
- Added motd code to server
Added cvars:
cl_downloads_from_web_timeout - timeout value for web downloads
sv_MOTD = set to any non zero value to enable MOTD
sv_MOTDString = string to set MOTD value to
sv_MOTDFile = file to read MOTD from.
sv_MOTDString takes precendence over sv_MOTDFile. The MOTD is only
updated on map change.
Added a new client command "svmotd [flag]" that returns the motd. If the
flag argument is present the MOTD is displayed in the center of the screen
otherwise it is printed normally. This command is automatically called by
the client
- Keyboard scrolling of menu lists
- Maplist in a scrollbox

- Removed BattlEye
- EB damage 65
- Changed sort-key on scoreboard (CA: sort by Dmg, TDM: sort by Net)
- No more class-less CA (so disable the g_ca_classmode vote)

- GL midair award
- Water RL midair award
- Fixed ghost LG
- Fixed userinfo updates forcing a player model on spectators
- Rl combos were doable with riotgun (RL->RG or the other way around)
- Don't account telefrag damage for stats
- Fix a bug that broke map downloads if .bsp file wasn't referencing any textures from .pk3 file it was packed in
- Force an update of g_needpass upon startup
- Don't do plasma backtraces in race mode
- Sound focus bug in Windows
- Fixed alt+tab crashes on some windows platforms
- Only update the follower if somebody actually picks up the enemy flag
- Save sort order of serverlist between sessions
- Plugged memory leak in .skp loader
- Gibs and ejection brass don't cast shadows anymore
- Memory corruption bug with cg_shadows > 2
- Fixed some minor UI annoyances
- Fixed rare "Client command overflow" crash
- Other stability improvements
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