Alors que la version 2 datait de la fin de l'année 2015, Warsow, le FPS gratuit et open-source, vient de passer en version 2.1. Cette nouvelle version introduit de nombreux changements au moteur graphique, corrige de nombreux bugs et ajoute le mode « Course ».

Le jeu pèse 430 Mo et peut se télécharger via le site officiel.

+ The client will probe the official Warsow mirror for all .pk3 downloads before attempting to download the file from game server.
+ Third-party .pk3 downloads are stored in a separate directory to prevent them from overriding basewsw assets or shaders.
+ When connected to a pure server, do not fully reload the game assets on map change.
+ Changed default console font to monospace Droid Sans.
+ Changed help messages for 'callvote map' to contain the title of the map being voted for.
+ Added tab-completion of console commands and variables to chat.
+ Downloaded third-party add-ons will now go into separate filesystem directory. Use +set fs_usedownloadsdir 0 on the command line to disable such add-ons altogether.
+ Improved support for Quake 3/Quake Live maps.

+ Offloaded the renderer to a separate thread. r_multithreading 0 reverts to traditional single-threaded mode.
+ Added r_maxfps to cap the refresh framerate in multi-threaded mode, changed cg_showFPS 1 and 2 to display refresh and client framerates respectively.
+ Increased the number of background loader threads to 4.
+ Fixed support for palette-based PNG images with alpha channel.
+ Use optimal VRAM storage format for grayscale lightmaps when deluxemapping is disabled.

- Don't render flesh hits for RG and MG pellets as they were often mispredicted.
+ In bomb gametype, reset all map entities to their initial state at round start.
+ Allow grenades to be shot straight down.
+ Disabled the minimum walljump height if jump button is pressed.
+ Fixed instagib shots stopping on the first hit player.

+ The server will now re-open console log file on SIGUSR1.
+ Running multiple servers in the same homedir won't corrupt .pk3 files downloaded via autoupdates.

+ Expose "random" entity property to gametype scripts.
+ MeansOfDeath (MOD_RIOTGUN_S, MOD_GRENADE_SPLASH_S, etc enums) is now passed as the fourth argument to "kill" score event in gametype scripts.
+ Added G_ResetLevel() to gametype scripting API. The function resets all map entities to their initial state, keeping clients intact.
+ Added Client::getMMLogin() method to gametype scripting API, which returns the match-maker login for authenticated players.
+ Added hasChallengersRoulette, forceTeamHumans, forceTeamBots, disableObituaries gametype properties to scripting API.

+ Changed base data, cache and runtime directory paths to conform to XDG specs.
+ Fixed MOUSE4 and MOUSE5 mouse buttons support.

+ Changed base cache directory path to ~/Library/Cache/.
+ Fixed MOUSE4 and MOUSE5 mouse buttons support.

+ Added "random" key support to func_timer and target_delay, specifies delay variance. Total delay = delay +/- random seconds.
+ Added "delay" key support to "target_delay" for backwards compatibility with Q3 maps.

+ Sector reports are now buffered until the end of the race.
+ Top command to display records in reverse order.
+ More records are now stored (30).
+ Added quickmenu with basic commands.
+ Picking up a weapon doesn't remove it from the map.
+ Associate records with login names when possible.
+ Color- and case-insensitive nickname associations for records.
+ Weapon information is now saved when saving a position.
+ Allow loading prerace-saved positions in prerace.
+ Added setting a speed for the saved position (only in practicemode).
+ Limited announcer sounds to once per player.
+ Simple randmap vote with a pattern to search for.
+ The kill command will now make spectators join.
+ Nice checkpoint feedback in the console.
+ Disabled starting a race while alive after finishing.
+ Fixed the respawner after finishing.
+ Allow racerestart while not racing.
+ Linked kill to racerestart.
+ Fixed displaying of the top scores in the hud. They are now shown when you connect.
+ Save no more than one time per player to the local highscore file, so the highscores are not populated by one player.
+ Print finish and sector times to the console so they can be looked at later.
+ Assign saved top times to their owners when they reappear.
+ Added practicemode with noclip and position save / load commands.
- Disabled warmup.

+ Apply localization to scoreboard strings.
+ Expose system mono font to the HUD via con_fontSystemMono.
+ Draw crosshair even when out of ammo.
+ Updated the "connection interrupted" icon.
+ Added drawCleanStatString and drawCleanPlayerName commands for drawing player and team names without color codes and forcing the current color.
+ Added TEAM_ALPHA_NAME and TEAM_BETA_NAME constants to draw team names with drawStatString.
+ drawPlayerName now ignores the current color and defaults to white, only taking the current alpha into account.

+ Fixed demo playback.

+ Fixed random crash on vid_restart.
+ Color correction profile can now be applied to the "worldview" widget by specifying the "color-correction" RCSS property.
+ Improved demo player modal window.
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