La v0.6 est là
La Warsow Team vient d'annoncer la sortie de la version 0.6 de Warsow. Il s'agit d'un FPS gratuit et multijoueurs. Au menu de cette nouvelle version on trouve l'ajout de nouvelles cartes et musiques, des améliorations graphique et des corrections de bugs. Cela se télécharge à partir du site officiel (423 Mo).

La liste complète des changements (en anglais) se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.

- New maps: wbomb3, wbomb4, wbomb5, wdm12, wdm18, new wctf5.
- Duel Arena maps have been renamed back to wdaX.
- Most of the original maps have been re-textured and re-lit for improved visuals.

- Vertex buffer objects support for improved performance.
- Improved netcode: Latency reduction by the use of half-snapshot extrapolation.
- q3map2 and the engine have been improved for more realistic and smoother lighting.
- Improved particle support: added new misc_particles map editor entity.
- Automatic resolution detection at initial startup.
- Added more widescreen resolutions.
- Fixed aspect ratio for widescreen resolutions.
- The game can now stream demos from a HTTP server.
- Added 4×4 PCF shadow maps filter with fewer texture lookups compared to other modes.
- Added server console variable “sv_iplimit” to limit connections per ip address, defaults to 3. A value of 0 acts as no limit.
- Added Quake Live style mouse acceleration, m_accelStyle and m_accelOffset console variables control the acceleration behavior.
- Added IPv6 support.
- Added positional audio support via Mumble (open source voice chat software), set console variable “cl_mumble” to 1 to enable.
- Added “r_screenshots_fmtstr” cvar that allows embedding of timestamps into screenshots’ filenames.
- Fixed double execution of autoexec.cfg if the game was started with a custom game directory.
- Fixed execution of config.cfg upon game directory change.

- New menu music: one new song and an improved remix of Warsow 0.2 menu music.
- New in-game soundtrack: 6 tracks by Jihnsius.
- Support for playlists:
Play invidual files with: /music loop.(ogg|wav) [intro.(ogg|wav)]
Load playlists with: /music (filename.m3u) (mode)
modes: “1″ shuffle, “2″ loop, “3″ loop random track.
loads basewsw/sounds/music/(filename.m3u/ogg/wav)
- New console variables: “cg_playList” and “cg_playListShuffle” to specify custom a playlist file to be played during matches and optionally shuffled.
- New console commands: “pausemusic”, “nextmusic” and “prevmusic” to fast forward to the next track or repeat the previous track in the playlist.

Gameplay/gametype scripts/misc:
- New weapon skins.
- New chat console, themeable from the HUD scripts.
- Non-round based gametypes include spawn place indicators in warmup.
- Added Damage indicator to crosshair, changes color on hit. Customizable with cg_crosshair_damage_color.
- Player models turn grey when dead.
- New background video + new randomized loading screens.
- Cartoon hit effects for big damage splashes.
- Removed 175>150 armor decay from duel.
- Weapons have been slightly balanced compared to 0.5.
- New gametype: Capture the flag: Tactics.
- Bomb has been rewritten, improved bomb spot indicator graphics.
- In-game announcements to promote community events.
- TAB-completion for map names in console.
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- New console variables: “cg_playList” and “cg_playListShuffle”

Warsow = the jukebox

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Ouais, mais le jeu ne supporte cependant que les formats suivants : m3u/ogg/wav.
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