La v0.61 est là
La Warsow Team vient d'annoncer la sortie de la version 0.61 de Warsow il y a quelques jours. Il s'agit d'un FPS gratuit et multijoueurs. Trois mois ont passé depuis la sortie de la version 0.6, et cette nouvelle mise à jour est plutôt conséquente. Elle corrige une tonne de bugs, comme les problèmes de déconnexion de la WarsowTV

Cela se télécharge à partir du site officiel (442 Mo).

La liste complète des changements (en anglais) se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
:: :: Changes from 0.6 to 0.61

- Added identity and context info for mumble 1.2.
- Added precaching of playlists (up to 15 files).
- Cache resolved addresses for master servers so clicking ‘join game’ doesn’t cause UI or background music to stutter.
- Further reduced the no ammo penalty to 50 msec.
- Precache more GLSL programs at renderer initialization.
- Use rounding to the nearest integer value in CG_LFuncCursor, CG_LFuncMoveCursor and CG_LFuncSize.
- Added Inter Quake Export command for SKM models (skm2iqe).
- Renamed console variable “cg_extrapolate” to “cl_extrapolate”.
- Automatically close all potentially open menus after succesfully connecting to a server.
- Increased Rocket Launcher selfdamage to 0.75.
- OpenAL sound module automatically converts stereo sounds to mono so they can be properly spatialized.
- Updated armor skins.

- Made the fog texture nopicmip.
- Changed the default value for s_musicvolume to match default.cfg.
- Fixed crash in instagib, which was usually triggered by instajumps.
- Shootable doors and buttons worked only once.
- Fixed off-by-one error in glDrawRangeElements ‘end’ parameter.
- Fixed occasional glitches in parsing of colored text in irc module.
- Added missing degrees to radians conversion, fixing some 45 degrees ramps.
- Fixed wswtv heartbeats.
- Fixed wswtv “Invalid POVnum 0″ error.
- Fixed handling of negative clientarea in snap_write.c that caused crashing on certain maps.
- Check whether the sound library has actually been loaded before calling GetSoundAPI.
- Fixed stuttering models when extrapolation was off.
- Fixed “fs_gamedir” changes causing “bad inline model number” errors for clients upon connecting to wswtv.
- Fixed off-by-one error in Cbuf_Execute, which caused the game to crash upon insertion of huge text buffer from clipboard.
- Fixed PM_FREEZE movement type not affecting wswtv spectators.
- Fixed mouse and movement lag after postmatch on wswtv servers.
- Server now detects and skips non existing maps specified in the map list.
- Made the bomb “king of bongo” announcements unpure.
- Fixed chat/teaminfo overlapping placement in huds.
- Fixed gl_ext_vertex_bufer_object- typo in gfx profiles.
- Fixed crash bug in “headhunt” gametype.
- Map fixes: fixes for wca1, wdm19 when using vertex lighting.
- Map fixes: wctf1 caulk fixes (see-through floors at flags).
- Map fixes: wdm5 teleport placements and layout fixes.
- Map fixes: GA spawned only in duel in wdm6.
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