Une nouvelle version de Rocket Arena, modification de Quake 3 Arena, est maintenant disponible. C'est la 1.7 et peut être téléchargée sur ces liens :La liste des changements se trouve ci contre :
  • Three new maps, plus one updated (ra3map16)
  • User definable colors for enemies and teammates
  • Option to have no picmip for certain things
  • Accuracy award
  • Improved netcode (removed the "built-in-lag", smoother movement, better hit prediction)
  • Scoreboard groups people in other arenas by arena.
  • Team captains and team captain commands
  • Display current time and timezone
  • Warmup in compmode
  • IP bans stored in database, unlimited number of bans
  • Admin definable callvotes
  • Log format changed: Timestamps are in "real" time.
  • Avg team ping and team damage added to scoreboard.
  • Misc Bug fixes
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(#0) 29 août 2003 à 03h18
Haaaaa! j'aime ce mod...
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