Annoncée de longue date, la version 0.26 de Survarium est enfin disponible depuis le début de la semaine. Au menu, on trouve l'ajout d'un arbre de compétences pour les personnages, un nouveau mode de jeu (TDM), 5 nouvelles armes, la possibilité de créer des loadout et une nouvelle interface pour les écrans de victoire. Cette liste n'est bien sûr par exhaustive, et la liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.

Version 0.26a

Added a new game mode Team Deathmatch (TDM)
Added a new mechanic to the leveling of the game character. At the moment only shooting and physical training branches are available
Added support for multiple equipment profiles and the ability to change the sets of equipment in battle, while the character is dead
Added melee kill missions for all factions
Added weapon stopping power mechanics. The stopping power depends on type of weapon and ammunition
Maximum portable weight increased up to 30kg;speed penalty now begins from 20kg
Now when a leg is wounded, the player receives a penalty to movement speed - 10%, with the broken leg - 20%
Battery chargers are physical objects now. They react to shots and can be pushed
Added physical collision detection between players of different teams

Equipment and weapons:

Armor-piercing bonus for 7.32x39 increased to +20%
Reduced dispersion for all weapons
Prices for equipment upgrade now depends on the level of equipment

Independent traders:

Mosin Carbine: armor-piercing increased to 50
PPSh, TT-33: armor-piercing increased to 25
VSS “Vintorez”, SR3M "Vihr": armor-piercing increased to 30
AK-74N: damage increased to 50, armor-piercing to 30
PP-19-01 "Vityaz": damage increased to 40, armor-piercing to 20
After the battle players can find the SOCOM rifle (12 level equipment);


OTS-02 "Kiparis", PM: armor-piercing increased to 20
TOZ-122, Remington 700: armor-piercing increased to 45

Black market:

AKS-74U: damage increased to 50, armor-piercing to 30
UZI: damage increased to 40, armor-piercing to 20
Winchester 1894: damage increased to 100, armor-piercing to 40

The Fringe Settlers

SCS: armor increased to 40
APS: damage reduced to 35, armor increased to 20
Vepr, RPK: damage increased to 50, armor-piercing to 30
UMP-45: damage increased to 55, armor-piercing to 25
SV-98: damage reduced to 120, armor-piercing increased to 50, set the sight 1P69 "Hyperon"
Set "Keeper": armor is reduced to 70
9A-91, VSK-94: armor-piercing increased to 30
added to the Shop: PP-2000 (9 level equipment), automatic ASH-12 (15 level equipment), sniper rifle VSSK (15 level equipment);

The Renaissance Army

Fort 17: damage reduced to 35, armor-piercing increased to 20
AKM, RPD: armor-piercing increased to 40
SR-2M: damage increased to 40, armor-piercing to 25
AK-74M, A-545: damage increased to 50, armor-piercing to 30
Kit “Hammer-UM2”: armor reduced to 75
added to the Shop: AK-12 (15 level equipment) and SVD sniper rifle (12 level equipment);


Added a few extra passages/bypasses to Tarakanovsky Fort

user Interface:

Most of the elements of interface redesigned
In the description of a weapon we've added the display of the speed of transition into the aiming mode
Added display of empty containers for artifacts in battle
changed the statistics screen at the end of the battle, added more detailed information about obtained experience, reputation, money

bug fixes:

Fixed installer, causing the inability to install the game client
Fixed a bug that caused spontaneous double shot
Performance optimization
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