20 septembre 2009, 09h00 Icone Doom 3

Fragging Free 1.2 pour Doom 3

actualitegeneralepc_004.jpgIvan_the_B met à jour son mod Fragging Free et nous livre également un extra pour jouer à la campagne de Resurrection of Evil dans un style « Fragging Free » ! Fraging Free a un objectif précis : permettre un gameplay classique intense à l'image d'un Serious Sam ou de Painkiller. Pas d'objectif à suivre, pas de casse-tête stupide à résoudre. Il faut uniquement se concentrer sur les combats. L'ensemble est évidemment disponible pour Windows et Linux.
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- Fast gameplay: instant weapon change, high walk speed and ut-style dodge abilities.
- 10+ big maps filled with adrenalinic fights, lots of secrets and many outdoor sections.
- 18 weapons: we added what was missing do D3 and adapted the old ones to fit the new gameplay.
- 15 weapon powerups.
- Possess demons: fight as a demon in 3rd-Person Perspective...every monster has his own abilities and unique gameplay!
- Bullet time mode allows to gain health and move 2x faster. It can be recharged by collecting demons' souls or obtaining new medals.
- New/reworked enemies with new AI and attacks.
- Friend marines with advanced AI: they can choose different weapons according to the situation, they can talk and cooperate.
- Custom Sound Track.
- Drive a vehicle.
- Medals for special kills and map statistics.
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