exodusfromtheearth_024.jpgStrategy First Inc. vient d'annoncer avoir conclu un partenariat pour la distribution d'Exodus From The Earth sur PC. Sorti depuis l'année dernière en Russie, le jeu va donc passer le mur pour arriver sur nos machines à l'automne prochain.

Un petit retour sur le scénario vraiment extraordinaire, de ce FPS Russe ne vous fera sans doute pas de mal : 2016, il ne reste que 50 ans de vie pour l'humanité. La faute à un soleil complètement aliéné qui se transforme d'une manière irréversible en une « Red Giant ». Les avis divergent entre chercher un astre regroupant les mêmes spécificités que la Terre, et chercher un moyen d'adapter l'Homme à des conditions différentes. Un lieu aurait finalement été trouvé mais l'explorateur à l'origine de la découverte est assassiné à son retour sur Terre. Laissant la voie libre à la société venant tout juste d'affirmer pouvoir modifier l'organisme humain pour lui permettre de respirer sans oxygène. La société est-elle impliquée dans la mort de l'explorateur ? Tout porte à le croire...

Le communiqué complet (anglais) se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
AUSTIN, Texas - April 28, 2008 - Software publisher Strategy First Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Silverstar Holdings, Ltd. (NASDAQ: SSTR), is leading the way to space with Exodus from the Earth. The upcoming shooter takes players out of this world and back again on a quest to reveal the secrets of a dangerously powerful corporation and fight for dear life. Developed by Parallax Arts Studio and published by Strategy First, Exodus from the Earth will be available for PC in fall 2008.

Mankind assumed it would take five billion years until the earth began to die. In reality, it is 2016, and the planet earth is living its last twenty years. The Sun has begun to grow, burning everything around it and turning Earth into a lifeless nightmare. Mankind must adapt to extraterrestrial conditions or find an Earth-like planet where humans can live.

After learning the dreadful news, the powerful A.X. Corporation produced a vaccine which allows humans to survive in any environment, and now plans to inject everyone on Earth. The alleged discovery of a "Second Earth" threatens the financial future of A.X., and C.I.A. officials become suspicious of the corporation, their motives, and the mysterious vaccine. Secret Agent Francis Rixon is commissioned to infiltrate the A.X. headquarters and discover the truth.

"Exodus from the Earth is a next generation title that will create an exhilarating alternative in the first person shooter genre," said Emanuel Wall, Business Development Manager, Strategy First. "We are extremely excited to bring this title to gamers world wide."

Exodus from Earth is an action-packed shooter based on the advanced Riposte game engine, provided by Tools Media Corporation. Riposte uses modern processors and video accelerators to produce realistic and enriched game environments.

Players will be kept guessing until the final step with an intriguing and unpredictable storyline, battles and exploration through high-poly, epic locations on two planets. The powerful arsenal offers multiple, unique attacks for each weapon to be put to full use in the dynamic gun-toting gameplay that transports players from the road to the sky.

For more information on Exodus from the Earth, please visit: http://www.strategyfirst.com/en/games/Exodus/
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