Marc DeForest, le beau-gosse de chez S2 Games cause un peu de leur dernier bébé à Gamerati.
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What new things will Savage 2 bring to the table?
While other RTS elements were added to the game, we have limited the commander’s ability to ruin a match for their entire team. With the addition of the builder units, in the event a team has a lousy commander, action players can take it upon themselves to pool gold and build the necessary structures to gain access to better weaponry, items, and units.

We’ve also added team experience. Now your team, as well as your character, level up. An addition to leveling up, for both individual players and the team, is the ability to increase base factors of health, regeneration, armor, damage, and mana. Each level 3 percentage points are granted to allot to any of the above mentioned factors. In example, a level 5 character could have a 15% increase in health (5 levels, 3 points each level all put into health bonus) as well as 15% more damage (the commander could have used all 15 percentage points for damage bonus).

One big complaint about Savage 1 was the learning curve (which we hope to solve through better interface and tutorials). Along with the large learning curve was the frustration of getting owned while you were trying to pick up the basics. Now, not only did we add a tutorial and a much more intuitive and informative interface, but we also have allowed server admins to set their servers experience level. Each account (all players play through a single account) has persistent experience, meaning all the experience they have earned in all their matches played is tallied to their overall account experience. While this doesn’t give any player an advantage over another, it allows other players and servers to see their experience level. We can then have groups of servers for lower level, medium level, higher level, and expert level players. This will allow everyone to compete against players with similar game experience and skill.

I could go on and on with this question but I’ll discuss one more gameplay addition and call it quits :) Items play a role in all matches, items like health packs, mana packs, damage boosters, etc… Additionally to items that can be purchased in the loadout screen are item drops. Higher level NPCs and players have a chance of dropping a slightly more powerful and rare item. Now keep in mind, player skill is the most important aspect to doing well in Savage 2. Therefore, no single item (or level) will give any player an overly distinct advantage over another. So, while these items won’t guarantee you victory over your opponent they could offer just that slight difference to edge you forward in a skirmish. With the addition of persistent items you can now save up to 5 of these items in your players vault. When you enter a server to join a match you may then pull 2 of these items to bring with you. When you exit a match you may then save items retrieved during the match.

Pour le reste de l'entrevue, et savoir notamment quelle est la bière préférée de Marc, direction Gamerati.
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