savage2atorturedsoul_005.jpgSavage 2 : A Tortured Soul vient à nouveau d'être mis à jour, et passe désormais en version 1.5.4.

Au programme tout d'abord, un tas de petits ajustements dans le gameplay, afin de le rendre plus équilibré, puis quelques ajouts mineurs, pour finir sur quelques corrections de bugs causant crashes et autres freezes. Ah oui, vous pouvez aussi lire notre test du jeu ou acheter ce dernier. Il ne coûte que 19.99 $.

Le changelog complet se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.

Version 1.5.4
Balance Changes:
- Monastery and Sanctuary no longer require an armory or nexus to be built. Note that the siege workshop and charm shrine can now be obtained more quickly due to this change
- The Academy now requires both the Monastery and Armory to be constructed. The same is true for the Predator Den requiring both the Nexus and Sanctuary.
- The battering ram no longer has a freeze time before it's attack
- The battering ram can attack while flames are active
- The battering ram will only do one fourth of its damage to hellbourne units
- Steamboost for both the battering ram and the Steambuchet now has a 20 second cool down (down from 40) and lasts 10 seconds (down from 17.5 seconds)
- Maliken now only receives 150 stamina from souls
- Maliken Lungs now only return 150 stamina to the wearer
- Maliken is once again able to be healed. He is no longer flagged as a hellbourne unit, meaning shaman and chaplain attacks will not do bonus damage to him.
- Maliken's soul cost has been reduced to 12
- Maliken health reduced to 1000
- Maliken healing per soul reduced to 50 from 100
- Maliken receives the benefit of spent attribute points
- Maliken now has a 4-minute buff, in addition to his armor buff, when he spawns. When this buff wears off, he will begin losing life at a rapid rate.
- Soul of Maliken now requires a hellshrine to purchase. Cost increased to 650 from 150. Note you do not have to physically visit the hellshrine to acquire maliken.
- Heart of Maliken cost increased to 1100 from 900
- Brain of Maliken cost increased to 750 from 675
- Lungs of maliken cost increased to 900 from 750
- The chaplain's melee attacks now do 150% damage to hellbourne units.
- Savage mana regeneration increased from 2.5 to 3.0
- Decreased the mana cost of the Savage's morale ability from 80 to 50. Increased the health regen bonus from 25% to 50%
- Token of life cost decreased to 350 from 400
- Slightly increased the mana drain of the Hunter's venomous ability
- Hunter's wingspin now has a longer delay on it. It should react more like whirling blade
- Devourer's rot ability damage per second increased to 25 from 8. Mana cost per second increased to 10 from 7. Range of decay slightly decreased.
- The Shaman's Storm shield ability has had its buff duration decreased to 12 seconds from 20
- Slightly increased the unique area around arrow and strata towers. You should no longer be able to place two at one garrison. Note that you can still place two shield/chloro towers or two cannon/static towers.
- The Shapeshifter's cheetah form no longer allows for dodging
- The hunter's summonable bat is now closer to the ground, within melee range

- Added the Rune Builder. It can be located in the game browser or in the persistent item menu at the loadout screen.
- Added commander impeachment. The button to initiate the vote can be found in the loadout menu when a commander is active.
- New icon for beast item lynx feet

- Improved the distinction between regular items and enduring items in the loadout UI
- The scar prop now uses the hellshrine commander portrait and icon
- Building tool tips in the commander interface will now properly show multiple prerequisites
- Improved angle lerping on preview gadgets, the preview that shows up when placing a gadget
- Fix steam turret and static charge spire shots sometimes striking corpses and foliage
- Fix several sources of memory leaks/corruption
- Removed "connection interrupted" message when viewing replays
- Misc other interface tweaks/improvements

- Spawnstate and SpawnStateDuration can now take comma separated values
- Added TargetTypeMaliken to skill toggles and spells

- Fixed a few places players could get stuck on morning
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