savage2atorturedsoul_003.jpgAlors qu'il est toujours à 10 dollars ce week-end, Savage 2 : A Tortured Soul vient aussi de se voir gratifier un nouveau patch (1.6.0, puis 1.6.1 et 1.6.2, suite à quelques soucis).

Au menu, comme d'habitude un joli paquet de bugs corrigés, mais également une bonne dose d'ajustements au niveau du gameplay, afin de réduire encore un peu les disparités entre les différentes classes de personnages à incarner.

Le changelog se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.

Patch Notes:

Welcome to Savage 2!

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*** If you run into trouble, please take note of the match ID and server the problem occurred in.

*** The changelog can be viewed on our website at www.s2games.com or in your Savage 2 game directory

Version 1.6.2
- Fixed an issue where Steam users who did not run the game using the Steam game manager would not properly load textures
- Fixed an issue with shuffle team vote that would cause some players to be stuck in spectate, unable to choose teams
- Fixed missing clan icons
- Fixed a client crash that could occur when the map changed

Version 1.6.1
- Fixed an issue causing some users not to see textures properly or, in some cases, not be able to load the main menu

Version 1.6.0
- Post processing support added to the engine. This allows for bloom and refractions. Note these new effects will not currently display on the linux version
- Added settings to the options menu to turn off bloom and refraction
- Updated many effects to use refraction
- Updated all maps to use bloom
- Improved load times
- The replay browser now shows much more information on the selected replay
- Freeflying spectating is now available in replays
- The main menu and engine initialization have been improved graphically
- Improved map downloading, it should be faster and more efficient now
- Several other miscellaneous engine changes and improvements
- Included Maliken and Hunter in practice mode
- Added a shuffle vote to shuffle the teams based on skill factor
- Added a concede vote. This vote can only be cast when your team is failing to meet upkeep and the match has been occuring for more than 5 minutes. This vote also requires 66% approval to pass
- Added a Next Map vote. This vote can only be cast within the first 5 minutes of a game or during warmup
- Added a vote menu available via the F10 in-game menu. Removed impeach from the loadout screen
- Note that all votes can only be cast once per player per match

Balance Changes:
- Soul of Maliken no longer requires a hellshrine
- Soul of Maliken is not available for the first 15 minutes of the game. The other Maliken items are still available from the beginning of the match
- Hellbourne strong attacks now do significantly more damage but immobilize the attacker

- Fixed a bug with vote impeach causing the player calling the vote to show up improperly as the person the vote was called on
- Fixed conjurer and engineer build skills. They can now once again be used by scrolling to them with the mouse wheel and clicking
- Several optimizations resulting in a reduction in overall memory use (about 125mb on maximum settings). This greatly reduces runtime errors.
- Fixed a large number of memory-related issues (corruption and leaks)
- Performance in general improved slightly
- Maliken regeneration buff can no longer be dispelled
- Fixed "recall causes officer spawn portal to be unplacable" bug
- Fixed a number of crashes

Map changes:
*Morning changes:
- Fixed a place where players could get stuck in morning
- Added some props to prevent the contruction of sublairs or garrisons near the scar

*Crossroads changes:
- Fixed several spots where battering rams could get stuck.
- Updated blocker to prevent tower and spire exploits.
- Modified the terrain near the human base tower so you don't have to jump to get up the ramp.
- Lowered the max players to 22.

*Eden changes:
- Re-textured the entire map.
- Updated environment settings (lighting, fog) updated to match texture updates.
- Removed water props.
- Changed a few props (along with retexturing) to emphasize the influence of the scars (death/decay).
- Updated deforming and blockers to prevent gadget and tower/spire exploits.
- Some deforming updates to reduce jagged terrain and match new textures.
- Added a couple of different props outside of the playable areas of the map.
- Added blockers under the bridge to prevent gadget exploits (primarily electric eyes and sentry bats).
- Modified the bridge area to better fit the lack of water.

*Hidden Village updates:
- Max players set to 22
- Fixed a couple of spots where siege units (primarily behemoths) can get stuck.
- Widened a couple of areas where predators and hunters couldn't fit (where legionnaires and savages could).
- Fixed red splotch at the middle of the map.
- Updated the coloring at the scars a tad.
- Lowered the minimum players required to start a match.
- Added more out-of-playable-area visual elements (structures, trees, etc. in the mountain borders).
- Removed and replaced some of the existing NPCs (mostly to lower the amount of available souls).
- Added some extra NPCs.

*Desolation changes:
- Updated some areas near rocks to lessen the chance of siege units (primarily behemoths) getting stuck.
- Removed some of the existing NPCs to lessen the amount of available souls.
- Added some extra NPCs.
- Cleaned up the coloring a bit.
- Brightened up the map.
- Cleaned up a couple of texture issues.
- Touched up the base areas (now much less flat).
- Extended the fog out a little bit (can see slightly farther).
- Lowered the minimum players required to start a match.
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