QuakeNet vient de consolider sa position de "leader" concernant le "chat network" avec plus de 200 000 personnes connectées couramment (201,401) et 400 000 personnes inscrites au réseau.
QuakeNet, which has more than 400,000 registered users, is home to the largest and most dynamic communities in the world, and currently has approximately 50 chat servers installed at major ISP's across Europe and the US.
QuakeNet has a daily average usercount of more than 140,000 simultaneous users - an average usercount larger than many small towns.
QuakeNet, through encouraging people to use the network to chat about games and it's policy of actively discouraging antisocial behaviour (including a total ban on all file sharing or trading) has provided an environment where fans of computer games can find groups of like-minded people to chat to. This philosophy has also created an environment for the user looking for general, technical and any other theme of chat room. The QuakeNet userbase has grown far beyond its gaming roots.
Developers and publishers are also recognising the value of QuakeNet, with several large publishers setting up community-based support channels on QuakeNet. QuakeNet also is home to several large Game Service Providers, notably BarrysWorld and Blueyonder in the UK, along with many others.
QuakeNet is always looking to improve on its user experience, and attract new users to the network. QuakeNet is also always searching for new, suitable sponsors to increase its server coverage accross the world, and give its users local servers to connect to.

Au passage, je fais un peu de pub à notre channel qui, je dois avouer, est souvent sans conversation.
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(#0) 01 septembre 2003 à 21h47
C'est vrai qu'il est un peu sans activité mais il ne tient qu'à vous pour changer cela

Moi je suis le plus souvent possible et pret à répondre à vos questions et autres

En gros, VENEZ animer ce channel
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