Action Vault a eu une entrevue avec Kenn Hoekstra. Voici ce qui nous annonce un peu de changement par rapport à la version précédente :
There are a lot more acrobatics and special moves available in Jedi Academy than there were in Jedi Outcast, in addition to the ability to fight with two lightsabers and/or the double bladed lightsaber. The ability to combine Force powers, acrobatics and lightsaber combat give the player an unrivalled arsenal of fighting options.

Jedi Academy is primarily an action game, and while there are some puzzles, they aren't as complex as those found in Jedi Outcast. Stealth isn't really part of the gameplay, but there are instances where using the Jedi Mind Trick to get through an area might be easier than going in guns blazing.

Voici aussi de nouvelles images du jeu et elles nous viennent du site officiel :

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