Après le retard qu'à subit la mise en place de la bêta de Breed, la sortie du jeu elle aussi est retardée. Voici le communiqué officiel :
The release of the new tactical 3D action-shooter BREED will be postponed and put off until September. Many fans from the BREED community and the entire action-shooter scene had made worthwhile suggestions. The British BREED developer, Brat Designs, took these suggestions to heart and even further increased the game’s complexity.

Since the puplication [sic] of the beta demo at the beginning of June, the 3D actionshooter has undergone a lot of fine tuning. The full support of DirectX9 and Nvidia’s enhanced rendering technology have turned BREED into a visual masterpiece! As of today, brand-new screenshots can be found on the official homepage, which show off the stunning new effects.
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