J'ai reçu un courriel de Hicks, principal responsable du mod Gentic X, qui m'informe de son besoin de recruter de nouveaux modeurs. Seul inconvénient, ils ne parlent que l'anglais dans leur équipe... Voici le courriel:
We are in need of more people that can work on the mod. We have lost the half of the team (who just didnt answer anymore on any mail) and so the mod is too big for the current team. It was designed for a bigger team. I can give you way more information about the story and features if you contact me at hicksalienpage[t-online.de] . I would send you the mod planning and give you access to our ftp to get the data we already have. We need guys for mapping, (maybe coding), skinning/ texturing, modelers who can work on static meshes, sound technicians for various sounds and new music. Feel free to ask me all questions you have regarding the mod. Check out mods.moddb.com/595 for first stop and look at some screens. Plz ask questions before saying I'm not interested. We really need more people. Especially guys that can make Mantinee movies!
En gros, ils ont perdu la moitié de leur équipe et ils sont trop peu nombreux maintenant.
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