Une maj sans chapeaux
Valve Software a sorti dans la nuit une énorme mise à jour (500 Mo) pour Team Fortress 2 qui ne contient pas de chapeaux, mais corrige et ajoute tout un tas de choses. Notons l'arrivée d'un entrainement pour le démo, l'ingénieur et l'espion. Une chose très utile qui avait été jusque là oubliée : le vote pour permettre des choses aussi indispensables que changer de map ! Les bots ont été profondément améliorés (qui joue contre des bots à TF2 ?), tout comme les performances générales du jeu (il était temps) et le système de VOIP du jeu (qui est désormais aligné sur celui de Steam). Côté nouveauté, on voit arriver une version tronquée de Badlands.

Si vous êtes attentifs, vous verrez que tout en bas de la page dédiée à la MàJ, il y a un petit portail qui vous mène vers une surprise (inutile).

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
Added new map Koth_Badlands
Updated CP_Well
Spawn room by second cap for each time is now a one-way door
Updated Training
Added 3 new training courses for the Demoman, Engineer, and Spy
Added the Ready for Duty achievement for completing all of the training courses
Added a new system to associate dedicated servers with Steam accounts
Use the ConCommand "cl_gameserver_create_identity" in the Team Fortress 2 client console to create a server account using the currently logged in Steam account. This will generate values for "tf_server_identity_account_id" and "tf_server_identity_token"
Put the values for "tf_server_identity_account_id" and "tf_server_identity_token" into your server.cfg
Use the ConCommand "cl_gameserver_list" in the Team Fortress 2 client console to list all of the game server accounts owned by the currently logged in Steam account
Added a new system for coaching players
Added a new vote system
Server convars to control the vote system
sv_allow_votes : Allow voting?
sv_vote_failure_timer : A vote that fails cannot be voted on again during this period.
sv_vote_allow_specators : Allow spectators to vote?
sv_vote_issue_changelevel_allowed : Allow votes to change levels?
sv_vote_issue_kick_allowed : Allow votes to kick players from the server?
sv_vote_issue_nextlevel_allowed : Allow votes to set the next level?
sv_vote_issue_nextlevel_allowextend : Allow votes to extend the current map?
sv_vote_issue_restart_game_allowed : Allow votes to restart the game?
sv_vote_issue_scramble_teams_allowed : Allow votes to scramble the teams?
sv_vote_issue_nextlevel_choicesmode : Present players with a list of maps with the lowest playtimes to choose from?
sv_vote_kick_ban_duration : How long should a kick vote ban someone from the server? (in minutes)
dynamic model loading to improve performance
Combat Text changes
Added a new convar "hud_combattext_healing" to display the amount of healing done per second
Added bonus points to the items displayed using Combat Text
Starting position of values is now affected by range to target, making it easier to see numbers when next to targets
Updated voice to use the Steam voice codec to improve quality
Servers can toggle between the old codec and the new codec with the convar "sv_use_steam_voice", which defaults to 1.
Fixed not being able to see the correct colors for painted hats when running with DX8
Fixed not being able to see the | character in custom names and descriptions
Fixed a couple cases where custom sprays would not import correctly
Duel changes
The duel dialog has been extended to include class-specific duels in addition to the default duels
Duel badges now only show the number of wins a player has
Added Payload maps to Offline Practice
Fixed taunt kills made with a Katana not counting towards honorbound kills
Fixed a bug where killing a Katana wielder with a Katana was incorrectly causing an increased crit chance
Fixed infinite noisemakers exploit where noisemakers could continue to be used after their charges had run out
Improved the Medic overheal effect so it's more noticeable
Fixed func_build entities to respect the team value and prevent the associated team from building in the area
Items changes:
Added new "Sort by Rarity" option for sorting backpack items
Improved the backpack sorting algorithms
Added "styles" for the Ghastlier Gibus, Scotsman's Stove Pipe, Treasure Hat, Hat of Undeniable Wealth And Respect, and the Googly Gazer
Added paint preview to the preview section when shopping for hats
Updated the Googly Gazer to be paintable
Added new paint styles to the Pyromancer's Mask
Items in the action slot won't be swapped until returning to a supply cabinet
Replaced the no-crit attribute with -25% damage on the following:
The Eyelander, The Gunslinger, The Southern Hospitality, The Powerjack (also added +20% melee vulnerability)
The Horseless Headless Horseman's Headtaker, The Ullapool Caber, The Claidheamohmor
Dalokohs Bar
Removed item cool down meter and ammo count when using the Dalokohs Bar
Fists of Steel
Increase deploy times 20%
Ranged damage reduced 40% (down from 60%)
Damage increased by 10%
Tuned high-end damage range so it's no longer possible to one-shot certain classes
Suppress the medic call effect while active
Battalion’s Backup
Reduced rage generation rate by 50%
Damage-to-health conversion increased to 35% (from 20%)
Mad Milk
Heal 60% of damage done (down from 75%)
Base damage lowered slightly but guarantees crits against burning players instead of mini-crits
Fan O’ War
Marking someone for death now lasts 15 seconds (from 10 seconds)
Flares always crit burning targets, regardless of range
Removed the restriction on airblast
Ammo cost increased 150% (4 blasts at full ammo)
Damage bonus reduced to 10% (from 15%)
Sydney Sleeper:
Charge rate increased 25%
Bot changes:
Added Spy TFBots. Spy bots have basic cloaking, diguising, sapping, and backstabbing behaviors now, and are ready to join the fight
TFBots understand the basics of the Payload scenario now, and will push the cart on offense, and try to stop the cart on defense
Added navigation meshes for pl_goldrush, pl_badwater, pl_upward, pl_thundermountain, and pl_hoodoo_final
Improved TFBot reactions to cloaked and/or disguised enemy Spies
Improved Demoman bot behaviors for planting sticky bomb traps
Demoman bots will now try to move to a safe spot and lob stickybombs onto enemy sentry nests to destroy them
Soldier bots switch to their shotgun after emptying their rocket launcher at close/medium range
TFBots will no longer hide from sapped or carried sentryguns
Engineer bots are better at moving their sentry gun nest as the scenario changes
Improved Sniper bot algorithm for finding good sniping spots for both Capture Point and Payload scenarios
Sniper bots will take opportunistic shots at targets while they move to their desired sniping spot
Fixed bug where Sniper bots would sometimes stand around in their spawn room doing nothing.
Improved TFBot ability to find a safe vantage spot to attack enemy sentry guns
TFBots will no longer try to use a teleporter entrance they can't actually reach
Added tf_bot_melee_only cvar. If set to 1, all TFBots will be restricted to only using their melee weapon
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