teamfortress2_006.jpgValve Software vient tout juste de sortir un énorme patch pour Team Fortress 2. Les changements sont assez conséquents et touchent de nombreux points clés du jeu comme les succès, le server Browser (possibilité d'ajouter des serveurs sur liste noire), l'équilibrage du gameplay (les dommages de certaines armes ont été ajustés : Sandman, Force-A-Nature et Dead Ringer), la correction de nombreux bugs, des ajouts demandés par la communauté (nouvelles commandes serveur) et enfin tout un tas de changements concernant les bots récemment mis en place.

Comme d'habitude, le jeu sera patché au prochain démarrage du client Steam.

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
Server Browser (for TF2 and DoD:S)

* Added a client-side server blacklist
o Supports blacklisting of specific servers, all servers on an IP, and all servers on a class C range
o Saves the server list to a file, and has an Import button to allow easy sharing (cfg\server_blacklist.txt)

Balance changes

* Reduced the health penalty on The Sandman
* The Force-A-Nature knockback on target now
o Only applies to hits that deal more than 30 damage and are in close range
o Factors in the firer's angle of attack when determining the knockback direction
o Has less of an effect on grounded targets
* The Dead Ringer now
o Reduces cloak to 40% when uncloaking early
o Has a 35% cap on the amount of cloak it can gain from an ammo pack
o Has a quieter de-cloak sound

Changes / Fixes

* Fixed a performance & stability issue with AMD processors
* Improved the stability of the game server -> item backend connection
* Fixed a rare server crash related to dispensers
* Added min/max values to viewmodel_fov convar to match the settings in the slider
* Reduced the number of moons in ctf_doublecross, sadly
* Demo playback now ignores sv_pure settings, allowing demos to easily contain custom content
* Fixed a crash related to sv_pure and the wireframe_dx6 shader
* Players can no longer shoot while stunned
* Fixed a bug that caused movement speed reductions to not work on stunned players
* Soldier Rage bar no longer resets when touching a resupply cabinet

Achievement fixes

* Fixed the "Second Eye" Demoman achievement
* Fixed a bug in the "Play Doctor" Medic achievement
* Changed the requirements for the "Medals of Honor" Soldier achievement
* Updated description for the "Blind Fire" Demoman achievement to better explain the requirements
* Fixed an issue that affected several achievements requiring the use of the Equalizer

Community requests

* Added "skip_next_map" server ConCommand to skip the next map in the map cycle
* Added "Play a hit sound whenever you injure an enemy" option to the Multiplayer->Advanced options menu
* Added server "tf_use_fixed_weaponspreads" convar. When set, shotgun & scattergun pellet spreads will use a non-random distribution
* Added a "show_htmlpage" command to allow server operators to display custom web pages to clients

Changes to the TF Bots

* In KOTH mode, Bots are now
o More likely to roam around and hunt enemies if there is lots of time left
o Become more likely to push for the point as time runs down, or their teammates start to capture it
* Medic bots now
o Opportunistically "overheal" nearby friends when they can
o Prioritize healing of injured nearby friends more
o Don't focus on Heavies quite so exclusively
o Don't spam their Medigun continuously at round start
o Won't choose cover far below their heal target so much (koth_nucleus)
o Fight back with their syringe-gun appropriately
* Various improvements to combat behaviors
* General bot improvements
o They no longer stand still on the point when capturing or defending it
o They choose more varied routes now
o They choose better defensive spots around captured points
o They fall back to another weapon when they entirely run out of ammo
o They adjust their FOV when using zoomed in sniper scope
o They treat in-range Sentries as the most dangerous threat
o They fire their weapons is more realistic bursts
o Engineers use their shotgun properly
* Added a "virtual mousepad" concept to rework how bots track enemy players
o They now periodically estimate the position and velocity of the enemy they are tracking, instead of "locking on"
o After rotating beyond a maximum angle, they will pause for a fraction of a second to re-center their "virtual mouse"
o Allows for over/undershoot "slop" in aiming. Looks more natural, and allows skilled players to dodge
o Addresses the "180 spin around and fire", "Heavy bot is OP", "Sniper is OP", and "I can't fight a Heavy bot as a Scout" issues
* Tuned Sniper spot finding algorithm to generate more diverse locations, partially addressing the "Predictable Sniper camping spots" issue
* Soldier bots are more careful to not fire rockets that will explode on nearby geometry and kill them
* Fixed a bug where bots tried to heal from a Dispenser being carried by an Engineer
* Tuned scoreboard logic to guard against malicious server operators spoofing bot pings to hide the "BOT" tag
* Added more bot names as suggested by the TF community
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(#1) 07 janvier 2010 à 14h02
[The Force-A-Nature knockback on target now
Only applies to hits that deal more than 30 damage and are in close range
Factors in the firer's angle of attack when determining the knockback direction
Has less of an effect on grounded targets]

C'est quoi ces changements pour cette arme ? je comprend pas bien l'anglais ...
[Édité par Zhao le 07/01/2010 à 18h13.]
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(#2) 07 janvier 2010 à 14h26
C'est une modification du recul provoqué par l'arme. Ça s'applique uniquement aux coups qui font plus de 30 de dommages à bout portant. La position du tireur détermine l'angle du recul. Et enfin, cela a moins d'effets sur les cibles au sol.

Pour la sandman, les gens qui se prennent la balle de la Sandman passent en mode "Fear", ils bougent mais ne peuvent plus attaquer et ils prennent des dégâts normaux (50% avant).
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No comment !

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(#3) 07 janvier 2010 à 18h15
Merci bien, je vais peut être recommencer à jouer scout ... ou pas
La paix par la force. La liberté par les armes. L’obéissance par la peur.
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