battlefield2142_0021.jpgElectronic Arts et DICE viennent de sortir la version bêta du patch 1.40 pour Battlefield 2142. Ce patch corrige quelques bugs et ajoute la carte « Highway Tampa », sponsorisée par Intel, que l'on à déjà vu dans Battlefield 2.

Le patch peut se télécharger dans l'une des deux configurations suivantes :
Le changelog complet se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.

The future Highway Tampa is here! Download the 2142 version of the newest Battlefield map brought to you by Intel and EA DICE then jump into the 1.4 beta. Featuring Titan and Dual Assault Lines this map focuses on classic Battlefield vehicle warfare with a futuristic twist. In Dual Assault lines each team can capture the enemies’ home base by controlling all of the neutral points. Whether you choose to skillfully coordinate your mechanized assault or dominate through overwhelming force Highway Tampa is the newest home of all out warfare.

- Fixed an exploit that would allow commanders to call Orbital and EMP strikes before it had fully recharged.
- The Clark RDX Shotgun can now detonate other nearby explosives.
- EU Assault Rifle recoil and deviation have been slightly reduced.
- Bianchi and Shuko LMGs recoil reduced.
- Clark Shotgun rate of fire increased.

- Added an autosave to kit customisations. After you customise a kit and spawn in with that kit, the customisation will be automatically saved until you change it and spawn in again. Note that you must spawn in with a particular kit for it to be saved.
- Added a new map, Highway Tampa.
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