Oblivion-lost.com, site spécialisé sur Stalker, a parmis ses membres des écrivains à leurs heures perdues. 3 d'entre-eux ont publié des "fan fiction" (en anglais), c'est à dire des histoires de fiction se déroulant dans l'univers Stalker, à savoir "la Zone" radioactive entourant la centrale de Tchernobyl.

Voici le titre des 3 fan fiction disponibles à l'heure actuelle :
  • I remember this day
  • Me and my A.K.
  • Baffled reverence

Pour vous donner l'eau à la bouche, voici un extrait de "I remember this day", écrit par sugarboy321

I remember this Day

I remember this day; it has existed in my dreams as a small boy. The winters in Russia are notoriously cruel. The temperatures at night can get well into the negatives. There are certain towns in Russia where people still keep warm by the stove rather than electricity. I marked April 12 not out of tragedy but because it was a very warm day.
My father’s name was Ivan. He was a low ranking technician at the nuclear power station Chernobyl. My mother died when I was young and my Father worked hard to support both of us. When my Father was working my Aunt Annika checked in to see if I was all right. Annika was a warm woman, a lot like Mom when I could remember her. She always had stories about Mom when they were growing up; Mom had an adventurous spirit like me. She taught me about herbs and roots, and most importantly how to cook. At a young age I learned to take care of myself. My name is Serge and this is my story.

Two months before the warm day of April 12 my father was promoted in a sector he was not allowed to talk about. He only hinted that the team he was assigned to worked on a project that would make Nuclear power obsolete. Over time I saw a change in my Fathers personality. He grew increasingly worried over something, when I asked him about it he said it was only the job. I was scared for my Father; if something happened to him I would have nobody. Two weeks before the accident I snuck into my Fathers room and peeked into a journal I knew he kept. At the time I did not know what it meant but it frightened me just the same.

“March 05, 2006: The Fusion matter/Antimatter experiment has great potential, in twenty years we may be able to fashion a reactor capable of supplying mother Russia with all the power she will ever need. My only concern is that we are rushing this project, without any concern for safety. Our team leader, Dr. Drohmenosky says that command is trying to beat the Americans at this discovery.

“March 07, 2006: In order to create a stable matter/antimatter reaction we must first create a strong magnetic containment field. All attempts have failed we have tried everything. I have not seen my Son in a week; the other team members are just as exhausted. Dr. Drohmenosky has decided to give the team a break, a whole day before we begin again.”

“March 09, 2006: This is a very special day for me; I spent this day with my wonderful son. He continues to ask me about my job, all I can tell him is that it is very important and may change the course of human history. My son always has a lot of questions about life. He asks simple questions fishing and girls, to more scientific questions. He asked me about if he turned off gravity would he be able to jump to the moon. I of course told him yes why not.

Pour lire la suite, rendez-vous sur le forum "Short Stories".

Bonne lecture !

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(#1) 21 novembre 2004 à 18h41
Je viens de lire "I remember this day".

Quand on aime Stalker et son univers, ca se lit très vite !

Et pourtant je suis vraiment très très moyen en anglais.

Bon, je vais m'attaquer aux autres,merci du lien !

Bonne soirée à tous.
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