Après six mois de coding, mapping, et de test, la devteam est fière de vous présenter la réalisation de Awakening II : The Resurrection, une Partial Convertion pour Quake 2. Dans le même esprit que la version originale (Awakening), vous allez trouver pleins de nouvelles armes et power-ups pour fragger vos adversaires, plus quinze nouvelles maps. Quatre nouveaus mods de jeu : DM, CTF, Team-DM et Assault. Plus d'informations sur le site du mod.

La version 1.7 du mod Threewave pour Quake 3 Arena est disponible. Ce télécharge ici :

La liste des changements :

3w 1.7 (29/03/2004)
- add: CCTF, two new runes, vampire and grapple
-vampire gives health to the user when he damages enemies (75% of health damage)
it can also take some health from shooting dead corpses
-grapple gives a bonus of 100 to shoot and 100 to pull speeds
( g_cctfNewRunes, default:1 -> enabled )
- add: offhand grapple (g_offhandgrapple 1 on server, clients use +button5 to use)
- add: added matchmode, lockteams and coaching to votes, you need to enable
"matchmode" votes by adding 128 to the g_allowVote cvar on the server
- add: g_ctfs_roundswap cvar and worldspawn flag "ctfs_roundswap" that makes team swap
spawn positions each round (red base is always the defense base, blue base is always
the offense base, this option is intended for assymetrical maps, and a feature
requested by some fans for more "assault" styled maps
Note: 4 maps have been hardcoded as using round swap for ctfs, they are q3wc3 q3wc7 q3wcp8 q3wcp24
- add: option to select which of the multiarena maps is used in arena mode, "/callvote setarena #"
or "setarena #" directly from the console, this vote is always active if voting is allowed
- add: added the defense/offense icons (assist and defense medals on the 3w status bar)
- add: ctfs roundtime cvar ( g_ctfsRoundTimeLimit, defaults to 150 which is 2.5 minutes )
- add: added a realtime clock, cg_drawRealTime is the cvar to enable/disable
- add: changed the portal system completely, new portal entity func_portal
- add: lavadoom and coin game to all portals
- add: new admin command adm_gametype
- add: admins can now specify a few settings along with the gametypes they set in the portal
add 256 to the gametype number to enable lithium (grapple + runes)
add 512 to the gametype number to enable offhand grapple
add 1024 to the gametype number to enable instagib (only for cctf atm)
add 2048 to the gametype number to disable the runes (only in gametypes with runes, duh)
- add: cctf now spawns "bonus" quads on the losing team's flag (if the team loses by more than 1)
every 90 seconds, should even things out
( g_cctfBonusQuadTime, default:90 (set to 0 to disable) )
- add: cctf now spawns you 25% of the time on the other team's respawns (might be in their base)
this tries to emulate q2ctf's single spawn system, where you could spawn anywhere
- add: a small ok map i did a while ago (derean01.bsp) for another mod of mine, thought i'd include
it, its not threewave caliber by any means...
- add: new cvar g_arenaRoundLimitExit will make arena mode exit the map as soon as a team
hits the round limit (instead of restarting until the timelimit is hit)
- add: vote logging, when votes pass they are logged and the user who called the vote (by his clientnum)
- fix: fixed timers when pausing the game and connecting/disconnecting afterwards
- fix: not all players sent to spectator when matchmode is toggled
- fix: removed prediction on shotgun hitting other players
shotgun should only draw blood if it actually hits the player
- fix: holding fire button with gauntlet doesn't work any longer after respawn
- fix: powerups cannot be disabled in portal area any longer
- fix: jumppad crashing damage when someone jumps over you
- fix: specred and specblue now set the correct forced team model
- fix: spectators are now allowed in the portal (for punkbuster)
- fix: exploit where someone could do follow1 and follow2 in ctfs and arena
and not be on a team
- fix: promode (pm) model icons are not loaded in team gametypes
(uses correct red/blue icons)
- fix: only failed votes are counted for maximum number of votes
- fix: dont send teleport event when players are sent to the intermission
- fix: cannot send "tell" messages to live players any longer
- fix: "walk sound" when the player is dead and the corpse falls on the ground
- fix: "walk sound" when you creep up to another player who is not moving
( had to disable item pickup prediction to fix bugs caused by the fix )
- fix: rebound bug when you fall to the ground sometimes
- fix: fixed adm_status sending too much data and crashing clients
- fix: in arena, no more falling damage during countdown
- fix: nailguns/nails used to be reported as runes in the voice msg reportitem
- fix: spawning with machine gun in portal minigames that don't have the mg
- fix: bonus quads no longer spawn in instagib
- fix: last damaged would show yourself if you rocket jumped
- fix: from 1.7 rc4, servers not going back to portal when they were empty
- chg: teamed spectators will now hear the last player alarm and the teammate
death sound
- chg: ripped out the anticheating code, gameplay should be smoother
- chg: improved networking of CTFS and ARENA events (no more double restarts)
- chg: make ctfs round start freeze drop the players to the floor
- chg: lower effect of ratio on skill calculation (raise effect of damage given / damage received to balance)
generally reworked the weapon weights to better reflect skill ponderation
- chg: reworked the loading screen art
- chg: lowered CTFS ammo counts of almost all weapons
MG_AMMO 200 (unchanged)
SG_AMMO 30 from 40
GL_AMMO 10 (unchanged)
LG_AMMO 120 from 150
RL_AMMO 25 from 40
PG_AMMO 60 from 125
RG_AMMO 25 from 40
- chg: 999 players not sent to spectator when matchmode is active
- chg: voice chat allowed interval raised from 2 seconds to 5 seconds
- chg: ctfs will now exit when the pointlimit or timelimit is reached and the one team has no chance
to make up the point difference
- chg: fast weapon switch now applies to all gamemodes including regular CTF
- chg: allow switching teams and not dying during the countdown at the start (ctfs, arena)
- chg: new shaders needed for map levelshots, check remaps6.shader for example
- chg: don't allow disabling quad in cctf
- chg: changed "adminpass" to "adminpassword" and "g_adminpass" to "g_adminpassword"
- chg: rewrote portal code so that the information sent to players is reduced 10 fold, this
change should fix the crash on load some people were experiencing when going to the portal
( cl_parsegamestate: bad command byte )
- chg: CCTF raised regen rune's delay to 1.65 seconds from 1.25 seconds (regen was too strong)
- chg: dmg/time removed from highscores in favor of skill, which depicts "skill" better, lolz!
- chg: CTFS added one bonus point for not dropping the flag once it has been touched
( g_ctfsNewScoring, default:1 (enabled) )
- chg: need to hold the flag for a certain time OR capture it without dying to get the bonus
( g_ctfsFlagHoldForBonus default:10 )
- chg: stats -precise now needs a clientnum to work (i.e.: stats -precise 3)
- chg: callvoting lithium in ctfs and arena no longer works
- chg: kick all vote no longer works
- chg: removed round announcement team colored backgrounds
- chg: connect logging modified to include the punkbuster guid
- rmv: episode portal system was removed because of technical problems, sorry to any fans, it might
come back in another patch, but for now it will not work
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