Une mise à jour bêta de Call of Duty, le FPS de chez Infinity ward, est maintenant disponible. Le patch 1.3 fait 3.8 Mo et peut être trouvé sur ces liens :
ATTENTION: THIS PATCH IS A BETA PATCH and is not supported by Activision Customer Support. It is intended to address the critical issues listed below :
  • Fixed a slow update problem with the server list.
  • Fixed a problem where the server list would improperly list servers with a ping of "1".
  • Fixed a problem with the server list being incomplete.
  • Fixed an exploit where prone players who leaned around corners could see the enemy without being seen.
  • Fixed an exploit where players could switch between prone and jumping positions to move rapidly across a map.
  • Fixed a bug with the sway animation of the sniper rifle scope on high ping servers.
  • Made improvements to Autobalancing.
Please carefully consider the following information before downloading and/or installing this Beta patch :
  • This 1.3 BETA patch only supports English-language Windows versions of the game. There is no Linux version of the updated beta multiplayer code, and you will NOT be able to see Linux servers.
  • Once you have installed this patch, the ONLY Call of Duty games you will be able to see or join will be on game servers that are running the Beta patch code. You will NOT be able to access any of the servers running non-BETA Call of Duty code (i.e. 1.2 or earlier). If you have friends or teammates who are not utilizing this patch, you will not be able to play with them.
  • Once installed, there is no "uninstall" for the patch that would roll your game back to the previous (release) version of Call of Duty. Therefore, once you have installed this beta patch, the only way to revert to the release version of the game is to uninstall Call of Duty completely, and then reinstall the game from your Call of Duty CD-ROMs.
  • Installation of this Beta patch will make you ineligible for any Activision Customer Support on this product. HOWEVER, reverting to the original release code by re-installing the game from the CDROM you purchased will reinstate your eligibility. Installing subsequent official patches will also reinstate your eligibility for Activision Customer Support.
  • This patch does not address all known issues with the game.
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(#1) 25 février 2004 à 21h57
Il vaut mieu attendre donc que ce patch fonctionne également avec les server Linux pour éviter de se faire virer des parties multijoueur
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