Far Cry n'est pas encore sorti mais la suite du jeu est déjà annoncée : Faruk Yerli, vice-président de CryTEK, vient d'annoncer officiellement que Far Cry 2 sera développé après le premier volet.
Pour l'instant, aucun contrat n'a encore été signé pour la publication du second volet. On peut penser qu'Ubi Soft, éditeur du premier volet, sera intéressé.

Crytek's lauded PC FPS Far Cry may get a sequel, the firm's executive vice president Faruk Yerli told Eurogamer at last week's ECTS.

Far Cry is set for a mid November release via Ubi Soft, and Yerli was happy to admit that a sequel to its warmly received FPS would get underway as soon as its first game was in the can. "Yes, we will most likely be doing a sequel, and if so we'll be using an enhanced version of the CRY engine," he revealed.

But Yerli admitted the deal with the French publisher did not extend to a sequel; a fact which ought to jolt a few publishers into action. "It's just a one game deal with Ubi," Yerli said.

Crytek and Ubi Soft engaged in talks about a possible sequel, but Yerli admitted the there is no final decision yet from either party. "Currently we have a publishing deal whith Ubi Soft which is focusing on the current Version of Far Cry," Yerli admitted.

Meanwhile, Yerli also revealed that console versions of Far Cry were being considered, with an Xbox version almost certain and a "possible" PS2 version. Both versions will be handled by an external developer, however, and judging by the demands likely to be placed on the Sony console by the mightily impressive CRY engine, it would take a supreme effort on the part of the conversion studio to do it justice.

The Caribbean island-based FPS turned plenty of heads at ECTS, and even picked up the show's Best PC Game gong for its richly detailed environments, convincing physics and impressive AI.

A single player demo, based around the Research level shown off at ECTS will be released in advance of the game's release, but, according to Yerli "not until it is almost entirely bug free". Wow, an efficient PC developer. Now there's a thing.

Mod fans should be happy too, with "incredibly easy to use tools" being shipped with the game. According to Yerli, "the CRY engine is so flexible you could make a racing game or even a flight sim with it". It may not have recieved the hype of Valve or Id's respective engines, but it looks set to give both a run for their money.

We had a good crack at Far Cry and will be bringing you our first impressions of this immensely promising title very soon.
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