farcry2_002.jpgUbisoft vient de sortir le patch 1.03 pour Far Cry 2. Ce dernier pèse un peu plus de 60 Mo, ajoute un mode de jeu Hardcore, corrige quelques bugs en solo et en multi, apporte un meilleur server browser et d'avantage d'options pour paramétrer les parties multijoueurs.

Le téléchargement se passe par ici pour les version boites, et automatiquement via Steam.

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
Single Player

* Fix some random crash occurring during specific Malaria attacks
* Fix health damage not following the difficulty level when switching difficulty during player’s walkthrough
* Fix some camera issue when using a mortar near a rock


* Add the possibility to play Rank matches on a selection of user maps
* Add deaths in scoreboard
* Balance current damage model
* Show VIP on Scoreboard (for your team only)
* Players can stay on the same host for consecutive matches in Ranked match
* Add a Quick match button when selecting a map in the Map community
* Fix vehicles spawning on their initial position immediately after being destroyed by an explosion
* Fix client being disconnected from the host randomly and not being able to see it after that
* Fix death message does not appear randomly
* Fix some issues when interacting with objects
* Fix bandolier doesn’t always unlock extra ammo
* Fix some bug when healing another player and getting wounded at the same time
* Fix diamond gain in rank mode
* Fix players don’t get a request to keep a map after playing on a IGE map
* DLC Fix some issues when using the crossbow
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