GameGossip vient de publier une entrevue sur Men of Valor. L'entrevue est courte mais donne de bonnes informations. On nous décrit l'une des missions :
One mission has the player and his unit moving out across country in M113 APCs to investigate and clear a hamlet that is suspected of being a headquarters for local Viet Cong guerrillas. As they cross a series of rice paddies, the player?s APC gets bogged down in the mud and they are forced to disembark and slog through the paddies on foot. VC who have been tracking the unit?s progress use this opportunity to begin an ambush, and the player and his squad use the APC for cover as VC units try to overrun them or pick them off. After the player successfully repels a few VC attacks, the guerrillas set up a mortar to begin shelling the stationary APC. As the rounds strike closer, the player must retreat under covering fire and try to link up with the rest of his unit, whose APC has been hit further up the rice paddy. This mission really captures the vulnerable feeling of having to cross open areas under fire, and the bullets whizzing over head and slamming into the mud as mortar explosions draw ever closer really make you sweat. And that?s just the opening of the mission!

Puis, on nous donne quelques détails sur la partie multi joueurs :
We are supporting a co-op mode that allows two players to play through the entire single player campaign together. We also have deathmatch and team deathmatch games where the player can choose from a variety of character classes, from an ARVN Ranger to an NVA Sapper, each with its own characteristics and abilities. There other specialized game types, including an objective based mode where two teams can fight in battles based on historical encounters of the war.
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