Games Asylum poste une nouvelle review sur Men of Valor: Vietnam, réalisé avec l'Unreal Engine.

Note donnée : 7/10, une fois de plus le jeu est compris dans les notes banales de l'ordre de 6 à 8. Voici un petit extrait présentant brièvement le jeu :

«Constant chatter really helps to create an atmosphere. Amongst explosions and gunfire you hear the Vietnamese shouting abuse in broken English, to which your troops come back with some borderline racist material like, "Die you rice eating son of a bitch". Another thing that puts you in the mood is the presentation. The menus are as ugly as sin, but there are dozens of full-screen FMV clips and still images of the Vietnam War, while the loading screens bear keynotes from leaders of the era. Much like Eidos' ShellShock, a few licensed tunes feature too. These aren't played as background music, but make sneaky appearances - James Brown's Papa's Got a Brand New Bag blares out of the radio during one of the cut-scenes, for instance.»

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