Tripwire Interactive a mis en ligne une nouvelle mise à jour de contenu pour Killing Floor 2. Le studio continue son concept qui propose une bêta à part d'un jeu en accès anticipé. Concrètement, cette mise à jour ne se télécharge pas automatiquement. Il faut activer le programme de bêtas (clic droit sur le jeu puis choisir propriété/bêtas et activer la preview).

Au menu des réjouissances, on trouve tout un tas de corrections, d’optimisations et d’équilibrage général (gros changements aux niveaux de l'arbre de compétence des différentes classes). Mais c'est surtout l'arrivée de la huitième perk, le tireur d’élite, qui ravira nos cœurs. Il bénéfice de deux nouvelles armes de classe : le fusil de sniper et un railgun très puissant. Il dispose également de l’arbalète et de la winchester déjà présentes. On notera avec délice sa grenade réfrigérante qui permet de stopper un temps les ennemis basiques.

Il y a également un nouveau skin féminin, deux nouvelles maps communautaires (Containment Station et Hostile Ground), un tutoriel d’entrainement ainsi que 32 nouveaux succès (mais pas ceux qui récompensent la collecte de tous les items dans les nouvelles map : lol).

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.


Sharpshooter Perk
Liquid Nitrogen Grenade
2 Community Maps
Containment Station
Hostile Ground
Added Basic Training - Tutorial (cosmetic items rewarded for completion)
Resistance/Weakness System
Incapacitation Changes
Updated Perks
VS Survival update
Updated Hans Fight
New Character - Rae
32 New Achievements
Menu/UI Design Updates
2 crates 2 USBs (new precious items)
Several battlescarred weapons updated to look better
Steam market item view inside Trading Floor
Support for Double Byte Character sets
Chinese Localization added
Japanese Localization added
Wider range of special characters
Performance Optimizations


All incapacitations (knockdown, stumble, etc. ) will now build up and fall off over time unless they reach the triggering threshold
Resistance and Weakness system added per weapon type - See wiki charts for more information


Weight added to the HUD
New kill alert added when human teammates die
Interaction widget updated, will now resize itself to fit the text inside it.
Info text added to matchmaking and solo game menus
Loading Screen Tips
Perk menu layout changed to make reading passive bonuses and skills easier
Menu bar updated
Added boss health bar
Players can now choose to recycle all their duplicates of an item at once (leaving one behind)


Added Sharpshooter
Level 5:
Sniper - Inflict 25% more damage while stationary with sharpshooter weapons
Marksman - Shoot 25% faster and move 10% faster with sharpshooter weapons
Level 10:
Stability - Inflict 30% more damage while crouched
Ballistic Shock - Stun power increased by 100%
Level 15:
Rack ‘em Up - Each consecutive headshot increases your damage by 5% up to 75%
Combat Ready - Reload your weapons faster
Level 20:
Deadeye - Reduce recoil by 10% and increase headshot damage by 10% when aiming
Always Prepared - Get 25% more ammo for sharpshooter weapons and grenades
Level 25:
Assassin - Headshot will knock down any Zed
Ranger - Headshots will stun any zed

Demo Changes
Level 5:
Bombardier - Explosive demo weapons now do 25% more damage
Grenadier- Demo weapons fire 20% faster
Level 10:
High Impact Rounds - Do 25% more damage on a direct hit with demo weapons, but lose 3 ammo from the max ammo count per weapon
Extra Rounds - Increase max ammo by 5 for every demo weapon
Level 15:
Sonic Resistant Grenades - Demolition weapons have a 100% chance of avoiding siren scream destruction
Fragmentation Rounds - AoE of your explosions increase by 50% but AoE damage is reduced by 30%
Level 20:
Armor Piercing Rounds - Direct hits to a critical zone will do an extra 50% more damage
Concussive Rounds - The hit reaction, stun, stumble and knockdown of all demo weapons is increased by 50%
Level 25:
Destroyer of Worlds - Previously nuke, this has been tweaked slightly
Mad Bomber - Shoot and reload in near real time
Passive Changes

Commando Changes
Level 5:
Tactical Reload - Reload 20% faster with commando weapons
Large Mags - Commando Weapons have 50% increased mag size
Level 10:
Backup - Pistol and knife do 60% extra damage and 50% faster weapon switch
Impact - Commando weapons have 150% increased stumble power
Level 15:
Health Increase - Increased health and Armor by 25%
Ammo Vest - Carry 2 extra mags per commando weapon
Level 20:
Hollow Point Rounds - Commando Weapons do 25% more damage and have 50% less recoil
Eat Lead - Get another 50% increase in mag size for Commando
Level 25:
Professional - Reload weapons at full speed and switch weapons twice as fast
Rapid Fire - Do 3% more damage with commando weapons and shoot 3x faster with all weapons
Passive Changes

Berserker Changes
Level 5:
Dreadnaught - Increased health by 50%
Skirmisher - Move faster, sprint faster, regenerate health every second
Level 10:
Vampire - Heal yourself 4 points of health for every zed you kill with a Berserker weapon, also attack 15% faster with Berserker weapons
Butcher - Attack 20% faster and do 25% more damage with Berserker weapons
Level 15:
Resistance - Gain 20% resistance to all damage, gain an extra 20% resistance to poison and sonic damage
Parry - Parrying an attack will increase melee attack speed by 5% and damage by 35% for 10 seconds
Level 20:
Smash - Hard attacks do 50% more damage, plus an extra 25% more damage on headshots, which have 200% more stumble power
Massacre - Light attacks do 20% more damage and are 5% faster
Level 25:
Spartan - Attack in near real time and gain 25% of your total health
Rage - Move and attack in real time
Passive Changes


Reduced gorefast headless damage 50% and reduced the attack speed
Hans fight Update
Hans shield can now be broken
If broken before his heal, he won’t heal that phase
If broken during his heal it will be interrupted
Hans now has more overall health to compensate for how the fight plays out


LAR - Sped up bolt time
Crossbow - Reduced stun power
HX25 - Modified spread to more reliably hit the target that was aimed at


New ZED awards
Scoreboard and match layout UI
Team Swap every match
Player Zed Spawning Decoupled from AI Waves
Updates to Player Zeds
Health, speed and damage changes
Some can now block: Scrake, Fleshpound, Bloat and Gorefast


Added Containment Station
Added Hostile Ground
Updated Buring Paris art assets to bring it more in line with later produced maps

Weapon Skin Revisions:

Battlescarred Weapon Revisions on the following skins to look less battlescarred
SCAR | Spray Can
Katana | Cyberbone
Scar | Horzine Elite Red
Scar | Horzine Elite Blue
Scar | Horzine Elite Green
Scar | Horzine Elite White
9MM | Tactical
AR15 | Tactical

Bug Fixes:

Fixed an issue where spawn prediction checks would fail allowing zeds to spawn within sight or potential sight of a character (behind their backs)
Fixed an issue where Zed would get confused about who to target (and constantly switching targets) leading to them not attacking
Fixed a case where a mis-sized Steam avatar would crash the game on launch
Fixed another case where players would enter a solo versus game
Fixed crate opening animations getting into an endless loop
Fixed ultra bright gore for Flex High settings
Fixed grenades not bouncing in Black Forest grass
Fixed an exploit that allowed players to keep trader menu open during a round
Fixed Crossbow bolts disappearing when hitting a destructible item
Fixed Gamepad - Voice chat receive volume slider breaks when pushed all the way to the right
Fixed an issue with the hammer staying up on the Winchester 1894
Fixed audio issues with the Winchester 1894’s running and melee sounds not triggering
Fixed audio issues with the Crossbow’s melee sound not triggering
Fixed an issue with blood not showing up on the Bowie Knife
Fixed an exploit that allows players to keep more than 15 weight when switching from Support perks using Strength
Fixed an issue when receiving grenades/ammo from other players prevents the player from receiving grenades for the rest of the game
Fixed an issue with the Lacerate skill not functioning with heavy and stab attacks
Fixed the trader menu not correctly updating with the Experience and Level of the player
Fixed an issue with the Trader giving too much armor to Medics when purchasing armor
Fixed an issue with players not being able to parry/block behind the spawn points


Fixed Player Crawlers being able to be killed by others after they had triggered their suicide

Map Fixes:

Various Map Fixes
Black Forest
Burning Paris
Biotics Lab


Fixed landscape de-vised patches block grenades and paths, and don't allow player to stand up when crouched

Known issues

Bosses do not lose the freeze grenade frozen texture effect after thawing out
Players are able to parry unparryable attacks from player controlled ZEDs in VS mode
Some particle effects do not render when looking through scoped weapons
Fire induced panic causes Sirens to stop screaming in some cases
Doors on Containment Station map missing sounds
Some visual issues on dynamic objects after swapping teams in VS mode
Interaction messages on HUD (Opening doors, etc) will sometimes stay on screen until a new interaction message is prompted
Some cosmetic items do not fit correctly on Rae
Cosmetic item preview images are low resolution
This beta has caused us to revert the Live Update balance changes for Versus Survival in the Live version. We do not recommend playing Versus in Live at this point

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