InterWave Studios continue de sortir des mises à jour importantes pour Nuclear Dawn, qui vient de bénéficier d'une énorme mise à jour sur Steam. En plus des améliorations et corrections traditionnelles, on note l'ajout de nouvelles structures et d'un mode d'entrainement hors ligne pour les nouveaux joueurs.

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
New Features
- Added new structures, Barrier and Wall.
- Added ctrl-click for building to allow immediate placement of another instance of same structure.
- Added offline practice mode.

Other Enhancements
- Updated main menu to be cleaner and friendlier.
- Added text on hud to show the effective squad gizmo, if any.
- Improved crash handling/reporting.
- Improved bot logic.

Other Fixes
- Fixed nano skin particle sometimes getting stuck on.
- Fixed radar kit appear at stealth sniper's feet.
- Unit group selection keys are now disabled in commander spectate view.
- Commander can no longer build when signal is lost.
- Fixed round end display showing level 60 for any higher level.
- Fixed more cases where a building hologram could get stuck on commander's screen.
- Fixed multiple issues with custom content http downloads on Mac.
- Fixed a common server crash that would sometimes occur on map change.
- Fixed being able to teleport to EMP'd Transport Gates.
- Fixed some map loading screens showing team bases swapped.
- Fixed some map loading screens having doubled, ghosted text.
- Fixed Squad-only Voice Comm in Options binding to regular Voice Comm button.
- Fixed rank names not displaying for ranks higher than 60.
- Fixed being able to build structures in the ground when commander clipped with world geometry in most maps.
- Slightly reduced the artillery damage to players
- Slightly reduced the BBQ impact on players

- Fixed benches disappearing in the metro station
- Fixed a bunch of see through chairs due fade distance
- Fixed clip brush on shopping mall roof blocking the player

- Fixed floating props on tunnel ramp

Authoring Tools
- No longer "Beta".
- Added Metro map source to sdk_content.
- Updated wiki link in launcher, added forum link.
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