InterWave Studios vient de sortir un patch pour Nuclear Dawn. Pesant 40 mo, ce dernier est plutôt mineur et corrige quelques bugs. Comme d'habitude avec Steam, il sera appliqué automatiquement au prochain lancement du client

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
• Added updates to the German localization, including media localization.
General Issues
• Fixed the Exo lockdown third person animation sometimes not playing.
• Fixed the Empire Exo chaingun barrel spin not working.
• Fixed the Consortium Stealth’s left knife sometimes coming out of her hand.
• Fixed an issue with localization of media (radio voices, etc).
• Fixed an issue with advanced kits resetting on new round or team change.
• Fixed hammer crash on oilrig01_sr.vmt
• Fixed over bright metal frames in Oasis
• Improved concrete barrier props.
User Interface
• Fixed a grammar mistake with ‘Use the console...’ commander hint.
• Removed the primary resource player count hint (UI indicator remains)
• Added proximity indicators for grenades and daisycutters.
• Added a HUD element to the blowtorch indicating structure health.
• Added player name on spectate camera.
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