Pendant l'E3 le monde ne s'arrête pas de tourner et Splash Damage en profite même pour sortir un gros patch pour la version PC de Brink. Cette grosse rustine se télécharge via Steam et touche à de nombreux éléments du gameplay (avec notamment de gros équilibrages), de l'interface utilisateur (avec la refonte — enfin — du server browser) mais également des corrections de bug en tous genre.

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.

Fixed font corruption issue
Removed look-at code when throwing items to team mates
Fixed players getting stuck if they attempted to deploy mid-mantle
Fixed multiple clicks being played when player jumps in multiplayer
Mines are now visible to spectators
Added support for minimizing the game when running in windowed mode
net_clientMaxRate can now be set on a client to tweak its own bandwidth requirements
Cheat-protected several potentially exploitable cvars
Removed some old, unused cvars
Added unsupported auto-save backup system for advanced users
Can read backup saves by setting "save_readFile" to the desired save
Setting “save_enableBackups” to 0 will disable the auto-save backups

User Interface

Revamped the server browser
Server browser filters are now remembered between sessions
Server browser now auto-refreshes the currently selected server
Ping is now displayed numerically on the scoreboard
Map loading screen now displays server name and IP
Tweaked UI flow when joining a match via Steam
Fixed exploit that allowed players to use locked customization items
Fixed issue when listening to one audio log but highlighting another
Fixed connecting to servers with ‘–‘ in their names


Tweaked objective times on several maps
Increased the time it takes Engineers to remove a Hackbox
Increased XP given for completing Primary Objectives
Reduced the duration of Adrenaline buff

Dedicated Servers
Fixed several dedicated server crashes
Improved messaging for unexpected server shutdowns
Reduced warning spam in dedicated server console
Increased default net_serverSnapshotDelay to 3 (from 1)
Lowers bandwidth & CPU usage by sending fewer snapshots each seconds; can be changed by server admins

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