Encore une nouvelle map !
Coffee Stain Studios vient de sortir un nouveau patch (909 Mo) pour Sanctum ajoutant du contenu gratuit. C'est ainsi que la map « Facility » fait son apparition (image ci-contre) qui possède trois points de spawn et une architecture assez originale, puisqu'elle est coupée en deux parties.

En ce qui concerne les changements apportés par le patch on note un gros effort d'équilibrage, avec notamment les gatling qui voient leurs dommages augmentés, mais également l'ajout de 3 succès, une optimisation de la gestion de la Ram, des changements dans le menu principal, le hud etc. En plus de ça, notons les traditionnelles corrections de bugs.

Comme d'habitude avec Steam, le patch sera effectif au prochain démarrage du jeu.

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
• New co-op only map: Facility!

• Anti Air projectiles on client will no longer fly off into the sky.
• Anti Air projectile lifetime down .25 sek
o This means that even if they miss there is a good chance they'll deal splash damage to enemies
• Gatling damage buffed a lot (!)
o lvl 1: 4 -> unchanged
o lvl 2: 7 -> 8
o lvl 3: 11 -> 13
o lvl 4: 18 -> 21
o lvl 5: 31 -> 39
o lvl 6: 64 -> 80

• Wave number now plays a bigger role when calculating HP in coop.
o This means the enemies HP will scale up slightly faster

• Both the slow and freeze got diminishing returns in preparation of 4-player co-op.

• 3 New achievements!
• Added a wave foreseer to know what the upcoming waves are. It's in the encyclopedia.
• Stat screen got a lot of new stats.
o Stat screen now supports 4 players.
• Added an icon in the party window so that you can see when other players are ready.
• Slightly optimized RAM and Texture usage (now use slightly less memory)
• Optimized network usage
o Now sending half the amount of data to synchronize animations
o Now sending half the amount of data to synchronize Soakers growing back
o Lessened the amount of data sent for replicate damage effects of players
• Changed color for build, sell, upgrade and chat messages to the player assigned color that originated the messages. In preparation of 4-player co-op.
• Changed color for overview and HUD arrows for the players. In preparation of 4-player co-op.
• Changed color for textures on players. In preparation of 4-player co-op.
• New leaderboards for Facility.
• Improved gamepad support, pressing next/prev buttons( L and R ) in Overview marks televators and fire buton is used to teleport.
• Added a community button in the main menu that can instantly take the player to chat/forum/facebook/leaderboards/achievements

• Fixed endscreen freeze on long multiplayer matches
• Hoverers now have the correct hit-effect when shooting them in the head from the front
• The client now sees the correct animation of the server all the time, instead of sometimes seeing the buildphase animation in the actionphase
• Fixed so that no unnecessary data sent to client when enemies dies
• Clients no longer see a +p when enemies dies at the core
• Client no longer pauses mid-air when pressing escape
• Tutorial now shows a maximum of 2 waves instead of 21
• Pressing next/prev when aiming at a elevator now longer break tower scrolling
• Increased network stability with on unstable connections
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