Treyarch a sorti un patch pour la version Xbox 360 de Call of Duty : Black Ops, améliorant ainsi le matchmaking et cachant les DLC incompatibles (ceux des autres langues). Ce patch s'attarde également à renforcer la sécurité, améliorer les lobbies Zombies

Cette rustine sera disponible sur PS3 le 3 mars.

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
2/28/11 (Title Update 7)
Issues Addressed:
• Matchmaking improvements to return higher quality results faster. This change includes settings that are tunable in the live environment, so tweaking may continue beyond initial release of this update.
• The in-game store now hides DLC map packs that do not match the language of the player’s disc to decrease the possibility of users downloading the incorrect language version.
• Calling in a Chopper Gunner immediately after getting shot down in a Gunship will no longer end the Chopper Gunner run prematurely. Required timing-specific button presses.
• Split screen players are now able to change camera perspectives and cycle through players as a spectator.
• Addressed an issue where the most recent match played in Zombies could overwrite the best match played on the leaderboard.
• Improved Zombies lobbies to prevent players from erroneously receiving the error “Unable to join game session” under certain circumstances.
• Addressed a number of community-discovered Zombies gameplay exploits.
• Additional security feature updates.

Gameplay Tuning:
• Additional sniper rifle tuning.
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