Valve Software a sorti avant le week-end un patch pour la version bêta de Counter-Strike : Source. Ce dernier corrige les problèmes de performances lors de l'affichage du tableau des scores et tout une ribambelle d'autres problèmes mineurs.

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
* Fixed performance issues and memory leaks related to scoreboard display.
* Fixed long-standing bug in which a player would see another player in a grenade-throwing animation when they no longer had a grenade as their active weapon.
* Fixed animation problem (“crab walk”) caused by aborting bomb plant by using the drop command.
* Fixed several ragdoll animation problems related to cl_minmodels.
* Fixed several crashes that could be caused by user modified .res files.
* Run sounds are no longer heard from players walking with the Scout equipped.
* Player’s last match stats will no longer be updated if the player did not actually participate in the match (e.g. only spectated).
* Flagged bot_mimic and bot_flipout as CHEAT vars.
* Fixed “Cold War” achievement so that it now requires the correct number of opposing players.
* Fixed hud_showtargetid; added hud_showtargetpos for setting the on-screen location of the targeted.
* Fixed bug in which the client camera would jump to another player if the player died when mp_fadetoblack is enabled.
* Removed extraneous/incorrect help text for nightvision goggles.
* Fixed bug in which the spectator UI would disappear after a mode switch or similar renderer change.
* Changed the size of the bomb icon on the spectator UI
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