alienarena2008_007.jpgCOR Entertainment LLC, les développeurs amateurs derrière Alien Arena, le FPS gratuit qui n'en finit pas d'accumuler les mises à jour, viennent à nouveau de patcher leur jeu.

En plus des améliorations visuelles apportées au vieillissant id Tech 2 (Quake II Engine) qui fait tourner le jeu, les développeurs ont donné l'accès aux stats du jeu ou encore ajouté une carte.

Le téléchargement du jeu complet (222.58 Mo) peut s'effectuer sur ModDB.

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.

Major 7.33 features
1 - Major performance optimizations
2 - Automatic video setting detection on first run (improved)
3 - In game IRC client
4 - Access to player rankings and stats, and skill matchmaker
5 - Improved disruptor effects
6 - New map, Dm-Deathray
7 - Vastly improved antilag code
8 - GLSL shell effects
9 - Headshots
10 - Improved player skins and other gfx
11 - Various client and server bugfixes

7.32 to 7.33 Changelog
Revision: 1605
Fixed bug with volumetric shadows causing occaisonal crashes.
Revision: 1604
Updated with some code cleanups.
Revision: 1603
Add CPU info for Linux. Remove uninitialized variable.
Revision: 1600
Fixed invalid shader call.
Revision: 1599
GLSL shells should only be used when normalmapping is enabled.
Revision: 1598
Cleaner shell code.
Revision: 1595
Fixed bad shader.
Revision: 1593
Added headshots.
Revision: 1586
Dm-deathray, completed.
Revision: 1581
Improved HUD FPS display calculation. Make curtime variable consistent.
Revision: 1577
Fix bug with irc shutdown.
Revision: 1575
ATI/NVidia checks in first run(in other words, if it's an offbrand GPU, don't default to high settings no matter what).
Menu updates in IRC chat. Allow setting of server.
Revision: 1574
1. Improved Gamara Skin(martian enforcer)
2. Shell tweak.
3. Menu cleanup.
Revision: 1573
Max's zoom fix.
Revision: 1569
Improved vaporizor readout.
Revision: 1568
Better zoomscope.
Revision: 1567
Updated lauren's skins.
Revision: 1566
Enforcer skin improvements.
Revision: 1565
Commander gets some improvements in skin.
Revision: 1564
Some optimizations in r_mesh.c
Revision: 1562
CPU core and speed checks for automatic video setting detection on first run.
Revision: 1557
IRC now uses it's own buffer.
Revision: 1555
Use GLSL on shell effects.
Revision: 1554
Fixed volume of countdowns.
Revision: 1553
1. Player setup now on main menu
2. Players can no longer join servers or IRC until they change their player name from default.
Revision: 1552
IRC connection indicator in menu.
Revision: 1549
Fix unix socket.
Revision: 1548
1. In game IRC, early version. 2. Some shell effects for dying bodies.
Revision: 1546
Green effect on disruptor when firing.
Revision: 1545
Updated announcer sounds.
Revision: 1543
Moved all bot slot checking out of game code and into server code.
Revision: 1540
Removed instant packets for firing weapons, this causes packet flooding.
Revision: 1538
Revert shadow/mesh storing of lerped vertex info in entity. This caused a 10 percent or more slowdown.
Revision: 1537
Strat's send packet fix.
Revision: 1536
Strat's "sticky walls" fix.
Revision: 1533
Plasma flash tweak.
Revision: 1532
Attached muzzleflash for disruptor beams.
Revision: 1531
Changes to disruptor beam. Now fires a more random beam, and effect fades into distance.
Revision: 1529
Various weapon model improvements. Skins, position, etc.
Revision: 1528
Completed ranking, matchmaking items in game browser.
Fixed Statsgen truncating player names over 16 chars.
Revision: 1525
Added new stats lookup system.
Callvotes with only two players win on simple majority(i.e 2 votes).
Revision: 1524
Spectator no longer displays chat icon.
Revision: 1523
Polygon offset to reduce z-fighting artifacts with shadowmaps.
Revision: 1522
Added rotating icon during map loading. Disabled due to some inconsistencies.
Revision: 1521
Fix bug in menu.
Remove legacy scoreboard code in servers.
Revision: 1520
Antilag enabled by default. Added projectile antilag, but it is disabled.
Revision: 1519
Notification for antilag.
Revision: 1517
Add debug cvar for antilag. g_antilagdebug.
Revision: 1516
Some cleanup on antilag.
Revision: 1514
Fixed antilag.
Revision: 1512
Added framebuffer extension check failsafe.
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