Medal of Honor : Alliend Assault a été exposé de long en large par GameSpy, ça se passe ici.
Un très beau mode dédié à Quake III Arena est disponible chez FilePlanet.. Le fichier fait 120 Mo.
Nouveau film d'Unreal: Infiltration 2.87 est disponible sur le web, il ne fait que 15 Mo et utilise DivX. Il nous présente un tats de trucs très intéressantes.. Je vais le regarder plus tard en journée. :) Ça se passe ici.
Puis un petit interview réalisé par GameSpy Daily retranscrit ici même :
GameSpy: What sorts of changes are there to the Unreal Tournament weapons and items?

Pancho Eekels (lead designer): We took a hard look at what people actually liked online, and since this game has a large multiplayer influence, we decided on taking out, enhancing, or changing some of the weapons that were in the original Unreal Tournament. We set out to reduce some of the 'spammy' feel that some of the weapons had. So, for instance, the flak cannon shards now actually bounce much less. The sniper rifle has been replaced by an instant-hit lightning gun that has the same function but is more visible when you use it so that it gives the others the chance to find out more easily where it came from (if he missed!).

In other words, we are focusing more toward the actual skill of the player rather than luck. The idea of spawning with all weapons (all customisable, of course), except the superweapons, is not an old one. This reduces the time you spend looking around for a weapon and gives you the chance to jump into the fray right away when you spawn. However, you start out with a low ammo count, so you'll have to find an ammo recharger if you want to take full advantage of your weapon loadout.

Vla. À bientôt. :)
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